Saturday, July 14, 2012

Look what I got! A story in pictures.

A parcel!

And inside the parcel

a pretty box

decorated with tulle and ribbons
and roses and a little card.

Under the tulle.
is a lid.

Under the lid.
crisp white paper.

Under the paper

tissue and fluffy stuff
and a tiny pillow with roses
and a book.


Under the pillow
a dear little bed
all hand painted 
with a garland of roses.

and hiding under the bed

 a sweet little fairy
all sleepy and small

tiny and snoozy
with a bonnet to keep warm.

Gently turn the fairy over
and there's darling little baby wings
tender as rose petals and 
pretty with glitter.

There's a fairy  baby 
and a bed
so the book must be full of 
fairy bed-time stories

to be read at bed time.

Good night!

Thank you, thank you,
 to Penny

The little bed and cushion
 and teeny little book 
and weeny little fairy 
are all so precious.
I was thrilled to win this giveaway 
and extra thrilled to have a piece of
Penny's wonderfully crafted art.

 Have a wonderful day

(Oh, and
 Happy Bastille Day!
Vive la France!)


  1. I am SO HAPPY that you are the recipient of this wonderful artist's magic. Penny is not only a genius at creating CUTE, she is a most treasured friend that I had the honor of actually MEETING IN PERSON. She is every bit of an angel as you could imagine. Her creations fill my home as well from purchases or gifts and EVERY TIME I walk past them, I smile. NOW THAT'S ART.

    Thank you dearest for your visit! DREAM IN AQUA! Anita

    1. Have a wonderful time away from the keys, Anita, and I really appreciate your taking the time to pop in today.

      The wee fae (I'll have to give it a name, I think)is just gorgeous and the rose-bud bed is perfect. You're a lucky girl to have some of Penny's amazing creations, and I know I'm lucky to have this one all for myself.

  2. So sweet! I love the wings on the cute fairy.


    1. isn't it cute? I wish I knew how the rose petal wings were done. They're pretty with the glitter and they're also soft and flexible, not brittle at all.

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  4. Dear Rhissanna,
    I am so pleased that you are so happy with your gifts.. Thank you so much for sharing photos of the arrival and taking time to put together such a lovely post. I must say your photos are beautiful! Much better than mine..
    Wishing you a joyful weekend.


    1. Oh, I had such fun opening this that I took pictures of every step and wanted to share the joy. You made everything look so pretty and sweet and it had been wrapped with love and care and I wanted everyone to see. I love the fairy and the wee bed and I am thrilled to own it. You're a very special person and this was a wonderful thing to receive.

      Thank you about the photographs. You didn't see all the duds I have to throw away!

  5. oh.....just too precious!!
    so darling!!!

    1. Thank you, Ann. Isn't it, though? I was thrilled to bits to get it!

  6. What a lovely package to find waiting for you. It certainly went to the right person. You definitely have an appreciation that is unmatched.

    1. You are sweet, Amy! I was a wonderful thing to receive and I really enjoyed opening it. Penny's care and creativity in wrapping up her giveaway was a delight and I realised I had to take photos of every stage of opening the parcel. It was a real thrill.

  7. Good morning Rhissanna,
    Here is how the petal wings were made.
    Lay your dryed petals on plastic wrap... (so they won't stick to your work surface.

    Paint on Liquitex Gloss Heavey gel. Comes in a jar..
    If you want to add glitter, dust while gel is still wet.
    The gel goes on a milky white, but dries clear...

    Flip them over and do the other side.. I use the side of a tooth pick to hold them down when I paint them..
    When they are dry you can use the medium to adhear them to what ever you are working on.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...

    1. Ohh, thank you for that tip! I can't get over how soft and flexible the little wings are. I'll really have to try this. Thank you for passing this on.

  8. What a sweet little fairy...and that little darling. You are a very lucky lady:)

    1. I really can't convey how thrilled I was to get this!

  9. You are so lucky to win such a wonderful prize! I enjoyed your presentation of opening the gift. Such love and care went into the giving and receiving of this adorable little fairy.


    1. Thank you, Bethann. That's a very sweet thing to say.

      I opened the mail box and saw the tulle and just started snapping pictures! It was all so beautifully wrapped by Penny that I thought it deserved to be recorded and shared. She'd made it into such a fun and special event and I knew how blessed I was to get it.


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