Monday, October 10, 2016

 Fairytale/Punk Day

Virtual FantasyCon is an 
on-line convention 
celebrating fantasy writing and art.

St Cecilia    J W Waterhouse
Hey, there. 

This is a writer bio.

( Just so you know, 
we all hate writing these things 
as we're obliged to put ourselves in a spotlight. 
If we liked being in the spotlight,
 we probably wouldn't be drawn to an art 
that requires us to labour alone 
with words on blank spaces.
 Instead we'd be rock stars. 
Every one of us.)


 My name is Rhissanna Collins and I am a writer. 
 I write the kind of things I want to read 
and my most successful adventures so far
 have been in co-writing the Mabel Bunt adventures 
with the very talented B R Marsten. 

(Find his blog in the link.)

Mabel Bunt and the Masked Monarchs
is a rip-snorting, fast-paced, clockpunk tale 
of shining blades and tight-packed corsets;
 revenge and love; gallows and garters,
with wit and drama and action to spare.

 Clockpunk, you say?

Yes, indeed.

Back to the writer's bio...

I write because I like having adventures 
without leaving my chair
 and I write because words are the most 
delicious calorie-free snack I know.

When I'm not writing I make dolls
peddle them on Etsy.

 Yes, I know that sounds creepy.