Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mad Tea Party and a Rabbit/Cat Toy Tutorial!

This is a special year for all things

This is the 150th anniversary 
of the publication of

Hop on over to
and join in the fun.

The kettle's on!

I made an Alice doll for myself,

and I thought, maybe there were 
some other people 
who would like an Alice doll, too.

People like
 the White Rabbit

and the Cheshire Cat.

Obviously, a little paper clay art doll
 isn't a good toy
for a bunny or a cat.

We're going to make a little Alice doll
from some sisal twine.

Sisal twine is safe for cat and rabbit toys.

You need a ball of sisal twine,
a book and a pair of scissors.

 First, wrap the twine around the book ten times
cut off the end and slide off the book.

Then, wrap the twine across the book
five times, and slip off the book.

Take the longer piece of twine and tie off
where you want Alice's head to be.

Poke the shorter piece of twine through the long piece,
to make Alice's arms, and tie another stand of twine 
underneath, to make her chest.

Cut through all the loops at the opposite end to the head
and fluff them out, to make Alice's skirt.

Tie a nice fluffy piece of sisal twine through the top of 
Alice's head and separate the strands, 
to make Alice's long, blonde hair.

Here's your Alice!
Give to your kitty or bunny to enjoy!

(Yeah, I know. 
It does look a bit Blair Witch...
But, that's ok.
Now you know what to make 
your bunny for Halloween, too.)

And, as I always make
for the 
Mad Tea Party,
here is mine for  this year.

Tiptoeing through the topiary.

Lying in the clover.

She's very small, just ten inches tall.

On a side note, I'm
excited to tell you 
I've designed another book cover,

Thank you so much for visiting me
and taking tea
at this Wonderland
Mad Tea Party.

I'll be along to your blog,
some time this weekend.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mad Tea Party

It's that time of year again!

You are cordially invited to this year's 

Hosted by the fabulous Vanessa
at A Fanciful Twist.

Sign on, join in,
have a cup of tea...

See you on Saturday 11th July!