Friday, August 24, 2012

Tea is always welcome

Oh, see this!

This is the tea dye
I was lucky enough to win on 
during the 
It was prettily wrapped, with cards 
and a bright red envelope, so sweet!

Dena 's blog,
The Enchanting World of
is full of good things.
There's a crafty tutorial on Tuesdays
an Etsy store full of handmade goodies
get this,
a band!

They sing
Nights in White Satin!

Now I'm looking for projects using this new tea dye.
Isn't blogging wonderful?

Thank you,  Dena!

Oh, the random head and limbs in the photo?
That's Amy Lee.
She might even get a body this weekend.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Halloween Giveaway

This is a Giveaway from
Flora Thompson's 

Aren't they cute?

Pop over, and sign up to be included.
Halloween is coming!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How many days to Halloween?

Shameless promotion for
a feature on
a glitter-covered skull 
I altered for

(I know everyone else is buying plain skulls
and covering them with glitter.
I did originally display this one,
in all its glittery cuteness,
on a cake stand
with roses.

And it did look wonderful.
So I may have to buy another)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh! See what I got!

lived up to its name and was
and there were 
parties and tea galore!

A lot of these
Tea Parties 
had giveaways




These were the prizes in the giveaway 
generously given by Susan, of
who had the most wonderful 

Susan has a blog 
full of altered images 
and she makes very lovely ATC's
(Artist Trading Cards)
and other goodies.
You can see her skill and wit
in the wee box that I found 
when I opened the box and 
parted the pink tissue paper

 The sweet little box is just enchanting,
 with its sweet little diorama and the grass and berries. 
Just look at the colours
complemented by that soft, gleaming gold
And there's a green and gold tea cup on it! 
Just like the one in the box.

The cup is a beauty. 
English bone china with a Art Deco feel to it, 
with a tiny handle and,
 my favourite thing, 
a design inside the tea cup!
 I always love that, 
like an extra surprise or a secret.

Thank you, thank you, Susan!
It's so lovely and it remands me of England.

In doll news
I'm finally painting the leopard face on 
 my circus leopard lady.

Still need work.
And some hair.
And a sparkly costume!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random news is good news

I have Miss R White back,
nice and safe and she wasn't broken 
and she didn't lose her shoes or her Alice!

She and Sookie and Bad fairy 
all won a Blue Ribbon each.
( I feel like such a show pony!)
and I was given a check
 for the princely amount of 
Nine Dollars!
(that's about five quid, give or take)
and, as soon as I get a chance,
 I'm going to sit down and try it.

For those of you following 
Sarah Beare 's blog 
and her journey
to get her Twelvemo artist dolls
made in China.
you might be interested to know that
Sarah is having a 

Sign up and you might win one of the

These are exquisitely beautiful figures
with neat poseable joints 
and an enigmatic face;
 works of art and heirlooms to treasure.
I'm a huge fan!