Friday, May 30, 2014

Monster Madness Gatecrasher! WIP Day

Well, I messed up the instructions for

So, now I'm looking in the windows
and trying to get past the doorman...

If you're here, you're coming with me
as I go through my day
making a new commission
for a two-headed doll.

 Is she a monster?
Is she a they?

This is my second conjoined doll
and she's (they're?) a big girl.

(This was my first two-header.)

Design for the first head.

Design for the second.

The girls will be looking at each other.

The paper is crinkled because
I sketched this with watercolour pencils
(a gift from Wonderful Hubby)
and then washed over everything
with a damp calligraphy brush.

Sketch paper hates getting wet.

This sketch is drawn full scale,
about 19 inches,
on my BIG sketch pad.
(Thank you again, Wonderful Hubby!)

Two heads, stuffed legs,
torso and arms  sewn.

Everything stuffed.
The arms are only stuffed to the elbow
to allow for a simple cloth joint.

Heads joined to body,

This is a very satisfactory process
of making the paper clay wet
and smooshing it into the fabric.
When it's dry, it's there for good.

Hands and boot shapes sculpted.

Head painted and painted and painted again.

Arms and knees, painted (and sanded)
and painted (and sanded)
and painted again.

Freckles! My first ever!

Freckles and blushing.

Real brush strokes,
from real paint.

The two personalities emerging

One of them
is definitely trouble.

Sitting in my hand,
to show scale.

The drawers, pinned on for size.
They will have vintage lace, ribbons and roses
and the legs will be floppy and loose inside, to allow for posing.

Base of the boots.
Actually a pair of old doll shoes
covered in paper clay.

Yes, I know. I'm cheating.

The light's going, so these
are the last few photos.

Here they are, trying out their 
chocolate brown wigs.

Green eyes + pale skin + dark hair = freckles!

And this is how far I got today!

They'd have their hair attached,
but, as you can see
with 100% humidity
I can't spray any varnish or sealant
over the paintwork.

(Doesn 100% humidity mean I should be under water?)

Here they are, as a tintype.

Thank you very much to everyone who
came along and joined in!
It's been wonderful to have you here,
following my work-in-progress day.

See them here,

Just a reminder...

Last few days to join the Oliver giveaways.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Conversation With Kindle and Giveaway Oliver Action Figure!

You may remember
I was commissioned to 
design a book cover.
is a darkly witty account
of a hit man's exploits
as he performs his
"recession-proof "profession.

is  now available to download
from Amazon.

Don't have a Kindle?

Don't need one.

and open up a
whole new world of  reading.

is an interview with a hit man.
It's funny, it's provoking
and Oliver himself is pleasantly
urbane and chillingly charming.

To celebrate the release
of this title, 
I'm giving away an
Oliver Doll Action Figure.

Here he is
in Action Figure Mode.

Suit, tie,
black gloves,
trench coat.

Close-up of the trench coat.

Ready for action!

The red socks!
(Matches the red lining of his jacket!)

Here are the
WIP photos.

And no, he's not getting a face.

Getting fitted for 
his authentic trench coat.

He'll be wearing his 
trademark black tailored suit,
neat white shirt
and red silk tie.

I bought him a present!

Because, of course a 
hit man has black leather gloves
and a beretta.

He'll arrive at your house
 neatly and discreetly packaged 
(as Oliver is nothing, if not neat and discreet)
with some other goodies,
to surprise and delight.

Usual Blog Giveaway Rules!

Follow my blog.
Make a comment.

The writer, B.R. Marsten
has his own giveaway over on his blog

His giveaway has real financial worth!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glinda's Shoe Emporium and Giveaways!

 In March
Oma Linda  hosted the
blog party

She interviewed Glinda
in the fabulous and stylish
Glinda's Shoe Emporium.

Three shoes were very generously 
offered as prizes.


Here is a very sweet and wonderful
letter from Oma Linda

Look at the teeny
little crown stamp!

I love it!

Ahh, Dorothy/

Wonderful Glinda.
Where does she find the time
to design these shoes?

And here it is,
in all its frothy pink loveliness.

It's silver.

Like in the

I'm very happy!

Look at this gorgeous bloom
It's got glitter. It's got pearl.
It's got ruffles. Pink ruffles!

And, on the back,
a Certificate of Authenticity.

So it's the real deal!

Thank you so much,
Oma Linda!

And thank you, again,
for giving us a chance
to Celebrate Oz!

On the subject of 
blog parties,
over at 
his first blog giveaway
has just started,
to celebrate the release of

To help everyone join the dark and witty
conversation with this most pleasant 
hitman, the novella will be free to download
from Amazon,

It's a Giveaway where
Everybody Wins!

Gif from Giphy

If you don't have a Kindle
for PC, Mac, etc.

Starting on 18th May,
 I'll hosting my own 
featuring an Oliver doll.

Here he is,
being fitted for his bespoke suit.

Yes, his tailor is an elf.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heads Up for a Blog Giveaway! Prizes for Everyone!

You may remember
how excited I was to do
my first ever bit of book illustration.?

is now published and it's
 doing very well, thank you.

It's dark, it's funny
and Oliver is a 
wicked charmer.

I've teamed up with the writer.
to celebrate the launch of
his novella, by offering a doll
based on the eponymous anti-hero
for my own giveaway.

Giveaway starts here on
 Friday 16th May.

Here is Oliver, getting fitted 
for his nice white shirt.

My first shirt placket!
My first shirt collar!

I'll be replacing the pins with beads,
for teeny shirt buttons.

And here is Oliver, 
without any trousers on.

I don't think he's 
very happy about it.

The Giveaway starts officially
on 18th May, but  in 
The Narrator's Study

Everyone gets a prize!

A Conversation with Oliver
will be free to download,
 on 18th May.

Don't have a Kindle?
No worries

Amazon has the app for free,
for PC, Mac, smart phones.

Join the conversation, 
read the reviews,
here on Amazon.