Monday, July 28, 2014

Just a quickie and the Giveaway Winner.

The winner of my Alice giveaway
is Niffy, from

I sent Alice off to Canada.
She was very excited!

Also, my dolls have been featured in an 
online art magazine!

I had a wonderful photo session
out in the garden
to get some nice photos

Alice-Liddell-inspired Alice.

Alice and camomile tea.

I've been really, really busy making dolls.
I have all kinds of commissions
and ideas.

I'm so happy!

Gothic Lolita Conjoined Girls.


Willow Wind Moon

And lots more.

I also won these!

This is from a giveaway organized by 
a shining beacon of the Blogiverse.

Thank you so much, Magaly!

The wonderful Morrigan earrings
and the Meditation Finger Labyrinth
were made by Eliora.

You can find more of her work in
her Etsy shop, 
An exciting place which is full 
of crafted items which are
literally enchanting.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mad Tea Party 2014: White Rabbit and the Wicked Alice. And a GIVEAWAY!

(I'm worked my way through the
Mad Tea Parties.
If I didn't get to yours
please let me know in the comments.)

Giveaway Draw will be on
Saturday 19th July.

 Welcome to the Mad Tea Party 2014

Please come in, take up a seat.

There's plenty of room,
lots of tea
and if you're lucky, 
you'll find a clean cup.

Did you remember to bring your Alice mask?

Do you have a selection of cakes
ready to throw?

If every guest could please
put on their
Alice mask, 
then we can begin...

Today we are going to tell the tale of 

White Rabbit
and the Wicked Alice!

It's a very frightening tale...

Keep those masks on!


Once upon a time, the White Rabbit
was coming home from a busy day
at the Duchess's.

He was late, of course and in a hurry, 
so he didn't notice a 
huge human child following him.

She'd followed him right down
the rabbit hole.

Poor White Rabbit!
He took to his heels
and ran as fast as he could.

The White Rabbit 
ran through the Great Hall
past the glass table
and through the little door.

He thought he was quite safe, 
as the little door was too small 
for the big, scary human.

But the wicked Alice found 
a bottle of Drink Me!
And a bottle of Wonderland Drink Me
can do very strange things.

It made the wicked Alice very small.
and now she could get through the little door
and chase after poor White Rabbit.

Now do you see why you have to
hide behind the mask?
It's a very scary story!

White Rabbit had pretty pink rabbit eyes,
but he couldn't see very well with them.

He saw the wicked Alice shrunk small 
and though she was his housemaid,
Mary Ann!

He sent her to his home,
to  get the Duchess's gloves and fan.

Instead, she stole another bottle of Drink Me!
She drank it all! No please or thank you!

It made her grow.

And Grow


 The wicked Alice was now a HUGE monster,
breaking poor White Rabbit's house.

And when he bravely went in, 
to rescue the Duchess's fan and gloves
Alice made a grab for him!

Poor White Rabbit was terrified!

The monster had to be chased out of the house,
but she was too big for any of the doors.

And she'd drunk all the Drink Me 
and that just made her even bigger.

So the White Rabbit
and his friends
threw little cakes through the windows.
The greedy Alice ate them all up.

The cakes make the monster shrink in size!

When she tried to sneak out,
the brave rabbit and his friends
chased Alice 
far, far away!


Hooray for the 
Brave White Rabbit!

And that is the story of the 
Wicked Alice Monster
and that is why, on
Mad Tea Party Day
we wear Alice masks,
and throw cakes at each other.

Thank you, everyone
for joining Miss White Rabbit 
and myself
for this year's
Mad Tea Party.

and her Alice party mask
is now on Etsy.

I'm offering a giveaway 
of a little cloth Alice doll,
made specially for
the Mad Tea Party.

She's a work-in-progress and
I will be posting photos of her
throughout the day,
so come along and join in the fun.

Work-in-progress pictures.

 WIP 1









WIP 10

WIP  11

WIP 12

Usual rules for a giveaway.

Follow the blog.
Make a comment.

This giveaway is open to everyone.

Thank you so much,
for another chance to
join with friends at the

If you're having a Mad Tea Party too,
I'm on my way there.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Doll Day

It's World Doll Day!

The second Saturday
of every June is

My 'Alice, Dreaming' doll, dozing
in her bed on the lawn.

Started by Mildred Seeley
in 1986
it encourages the celebration of dolls
and the role of dolls
in spreading love and understanding.

Monday, June 9, 2014

More WIP and an Invitation to Tea

 First, here are some WIP 
images of my big conjoined twins.

The girls now have wild hair,
a sombre black dress
and striped stockings.

I'm trying a different method
of adding the legs, to 
allow for more natural posing.

The big skirt helps to balance the heads.

They still need shoes.

One of them will get a pretty ruffled choker,
The other will have a ribbon in her hair.
So you can tell who is who...

Now, an invitation!

Vanessa is inviting us all
to the fabulous, glorious, curious
Mad Tea Party 2014

I'll be there!
Will you?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oliver has a Date!

 Thank you so much to everyone
who took part in the 
Blog Giveaway between
and here at

Your support and enthusiasm
meant a lot, both to me
and to B.R. Marsten
who wrote the exploits of
the charming and deadly
Oliver Tunstall

The winner of the
Oliver Tunstall
doll action figure is


Oliver is packing his attache case as we speak.
He'll be travelling incognito.
Of course.

The fabulous Eliora

She  creates jewellery
and Pagan artefacts.

To read all about
the pragmatic, charismatic

Friday, May 30, 2014

Monster Madness Gatecrasher! WIP Day

Well, I messed up the instructions for

So, now I'm looking in the windows
and trying to get past the doorman...

If you're here, you're coming with me
as I go through my day
making a new commission
for a two-headed doll.

 Is she a monster?
Is she a they?

This is my second conjoined doll
and she's (they're?) a big girl.

(This was my first two-header.)

Design for the first head.

Design for the second.

The girls will be looking at each other.

The paper is crinkled because
I sketched this with watercolour pencils
(a gift from Wonderful Hubby)
and then washed over everything
with a damp calligraphy brush.

Sketch paper hates getting wet.

This sketch is drawn full scale,
about 19 inches,
on my BIG sketch pad.
(Thank you again, Wonderful Hubby!)

Two heads, stuffed legs,
torso and arms  sewn.

Everything stuffed.
The arms are only stuffed to the elbow
to allow for a simple cloth joint.

Heads joined to body,

This is a very satisfactory process
of making the paper clay wet
and smooshing it into the fabric.
When it's dry, it's there for good.

Hands and boot shapes sculpted.

Head painted and painted and painted again.

Arms and knees, painted (and sanded)
and painted (and sanded)
and painted again.

Freckles! My first ever!

Freckles and blushing.

Real brush strokes,
from real paint.

The two personalities emerging

One of them
is definitely trouble.

Sitting in my hand,
to show scale.

The drawers, pinned on for size.
They will have vintage lace, ribbons and roses
and the legs will be floppy and loose inside, to allow for posing.

Base of the boots.
Actually a pair of old doll shoes
covered in paper clay.

Yes, I know. I'm cheating.

The light's going, so these
are the last few photos.

Here they are, trying out their 
chocolate brown wigs.

Green eyes + pale skin + dark hair = freckles!

And this is how far I got today!

They'd have their hair attached,
but, as you can see
with 100% humidity
I can't spray any varnish or sealant
over the paintwork.

(Doesn 100% humidity mean I should be under water?)

Here they are, as a tintype.

Thank you very much to everyone who
came along and joined in!
It's been wonderful to have you here,
following my work-in-progress day.

See them here,

Just a reminder...

Last few days to join the Oliver giveaways.

Don't forget to visit MMM