Monday, October 22, 2012

Eww! What on Earth?

it's time to post an Epic Craft Fail!

To find out more about these

There's also a walk-through
on how to turn a Dollar Tree clockwork insect
into a miniature Steampunk Machine.
Get your goggles out!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Very First ATC

I ought to explain that these aren't the ATCs I made.

I've already sent mine out to Susan
and I forgot to take photographs first.

These are the wonderful ATC cards
Susan made for me.

The theme?
Rabbits and Halloween!

These are the backs of the cards.
Look at the lovely papers.

And here are the cards in a pile.

The first card is very funny and a little wicked.
An Easter Rabbit, dispensing  all kinds of tricks and treats!

Then, a bunny in a witch's hat,
in Halloween colours of black and orange,

A pretty rabbit, on a dreamy teal background.

And, my absolute favourite, a 
bunny at a Halloween Ball.
Or is it a lady in a bunny mask?
Or a bunny in a bunny mask?

With the BOO! Banner and attendant raven,
she looks glamorous and mysterious.
Which is a pretty big deal 
for something small and fluffy like a rabbit.

Thank you so much for these, Susan.
I enjoyed the excitement and the 
thrill of being gifted someone's art work.
I can see why the ATC
 is such a big part of the art world.

I was particularly delighted by the
she's making from an papier mache deer.

I thought her
mysterious figure 
with the bunny face
was so inspiring,
I'm making a bunny doll with a mask. 

This is in Anita's Etsy Shop.
Isn't it sweet?

If you like Anita's stuff,
you'll love her blog over at
It's a very special kind of experience.

here is how far I've got 
with the Bunny at a Masked Ball.

And here is a random doll head I'm working on.

I used polystyrene (Styrofoam)
as a base for both of these, which means
(silly me)
I can't harden the paperclay in the oven.
So these might take a while.