Saturday, March 24, 2012

WIP What's new, Pussycat?

I actually started this doll a while ago.
 Four years or more.
 I found some animal print cloth,
with a warm brushed cotton finish
and made a body and tail. 
but I was never happy with the face.
I'd moulded a leather head and painted it,
 but none of the faces I painted looked right, 
so I put the body away.

However, today I had all kinds of things to do.
The washing machine has stopped working.
 It fills, but won't drain or spin,
so every load I wash has to be wrung out by hand
 and  the machine emptied by bucket.
Really boring stuff.
I decided to cheer myself up and dug out some paperclay.
Miss Kitty's more feline features are the result.
The eyes look a bit odd but 
I'm happy with the general shape of the nose and muzzle 

Tomorrow, there will be more drudgery 
with the washing machine.
Between loads,
I hope to finish the paperclay on the face, ready to start painting.
Then, I hope, she might look a little less masculine.

Behind her is a basket of bunnies.
Every day there are more bunnies in there.
I'm not sure how...

I always envisioned her as a circus performer, in a tutu and spangles.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bunny in a tin!

I thought there may be some of you interested in more bunnycrafts.

Like, say, a Bunny in a Tin?
 Handy for all kinds of things 
and open to all sorts of embellishments.
You'll find it here,
Very cute, Diane!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Something new from a cup of coffee.

This is a departure from doll making
 but it's just so gorgeous and inspiring I just had to share.
Isn't this beautiful?

All The Others, Gone

Look at the emotions; tenderness and grief 
of a father reunited with his daughter
depicted in warm shades of gold and chestnut.

Want something with more action?
How about this?

It Ends In Flame

I love the movement and the tension of the figure.

But I didn't show you these because they're amazing 
(even though they are)
I  love these because they're watercolours
made with coffee.
 I've got your attention now, haven't I?

They're created by the very talented 
Jenny Dolfen in Germany.
I've seen some of her wonderful Tolkien-inspired works 
on Deviant Art, too and always wondered how she did it.

If you want to try ipainting with coffee, Jenny created a very accessible tutorial here
which I thought made it so clear and simple and inspiring, I just had to share.
Go over and have a look.
  It might tempt you to get out those paintbrushes.