Wednesday, August 21, 2013


 First of all, I'm here to announce that I won a giveaway!

The wonderful, mystical
Magic Love Crow,
 aka Stacy,
had a giveaway
which is a very sweet idea.

The prize was a pair of 
hand-knitted washcloths,
which Stacy's mother had knitted
in pretty, pastel colours.

I borrowed this photo from Stacy's blog,
as I forgot to take any before I sewed them  together.
Thank you, Stacy!

I can't knit.
I think of knitters as being up there 
with concert pianists
and orthopedic surgeons.
It's a kind of magic.

So I was delighted to win these 
pretty squares of hand knitted magic.
They were not to be sullied by
dirty water.

They are much too precious.

 I made them into 
a big, soft doll pillow
for my sleeping dolls.

As an extra special surprise

Magic Love Crow
offered one of her 
wonderful Aceos.

This one!

It's called
The Fortune Teller.

I love it!
The rich colors and the elegant pose.
I'm going to frame it 
and hang it in the 

Second of all,
I have the name of the winner 
from the

I wrote out everybody's name.
I gave each name a number.
And then use a Random Number Generator
to pick the winner.

It chose number ten.

Step up, Number Ten,
Deborah Adams!

You win my little cloth Alice doll.

Get in touch, and I'll send her off to you!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dollmaker on Thursday: Akira Blount.

Akira Blount 1945-2013

Akira Blount
 was a gifted, inspirational 
and influential dollmaker
whose dolls 
are instantly recognisable;
quirky, intriguing and approachable.

Her untimely death has saddened many
and her warmth and talent 
will be missed from the doll community.

There is a memorial post
on NIADA's website
an organisation in which
she was very active.

All images here are from 

She left a wonderful legacy of creations
and she will be missed by many.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick and Dirty Wig Tutorial

This is a quick way to wig
if you have the following...
A big piece of Tibetan lambswool,
a doll bigger than 12"
a deadline.

Ideally, your wig will be washed and downy-dunked
Check the direction of the hair.

The hair needs to be the right colour.
This is a food colouring light wash of yellow.

Measure out the width of the doll's brow
from ear to ear.
Run a line of glue along the raw edge,

fold over and hold in place.
I use pegs.

Once the glue has a grip
lay the folded edge along the doll's brow again
and roughly mark the areas that do not touch its skull.

Difficult to explain, but you'll understand  
when you try and hold a flat piece of pelt
to a round head.

Neaten up these lines

and cut them out with a sharp scalpel or x acto.

Test for fit once more
and then glue the front ot the wig in position
checking the placement on the brow and
the distance from each ear.

Check the direction of the hair.

Neaten/tuck around the ears 

Apply glue to the wig only
and pull down into position..

Neaten/tuck around the nape of the neck.

(Sorry it's fuzzy.
Remember about the deadline?)

And there she is, done.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dollmakers on Thursday : Forlorn Dolls

Samantha Meyers 
is the artist behind 

These beautiful dolls 
are hand sculpted,
hand sewn, 
(no machine)
hand painted 
and entirely wonderful.

They all exhibit her characteristic style,

rich colours,

enigmatic expressions and 

graceful proportions.

Samantha came to doll making
after a visit to Lizzie Borden's house
as recalled in an interview
for the Crafty Goodness blog

Samantha's dolls and busts show 
an inclination for the
deliciously wicked.

Painted skulls.

Skull paint.

Handsome rogues

and Halloween.

You can see Forlorn Dolls at
 the Crafty Goodness gallery
in Lakewood, Oh.

And on-line at

Keep up to date with new dolls,
exhibits and shows on facebook at 

Or pay a visit to her blog,
They're well worth a look,
doubly so at Halloween.

I can have a favourite, can't I?
I love this rabbit.

Samantha's Etsy will be opening again
in the Autumn.
Meanwhile, here is the link.