Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Black Cat : Red Corset

The wonderful Liz
commissioned this doll,
based on her bombay cat;
a real beauty with 
black fur and golden eyes.

A cat in a red corset?
How could I resist?

So here she is.

Corset lacing at the back.

I loved the brocade,
but it wasn't the easiest thing
to set eyelets in.

Thanks to Patti and Paula at
I now call this a
Butt Bow.

Red kinky boots!

These are modeled with
paper clay directly onto the cloth,
with a cocktail stick armature
 for the  heel and then lots of 
painting and sanding.


She's on her way
to the UK
but I thought I'd
post the photos now.

Liz had her own wonderful dolls

like Holly Berry here.

  Shared with
Ivy and Elephants
Go and congratulate them!