Thursday, April 25, 2013


The crucifix is all finished,
painted and varnished 
and reassembled.

Here are the compare-and-contrast photos.

I was surprised at how useful
doll making was for this project.

After painting several coats of 
acrylic paint,
I used powdered pastels
brushed into the hollows
to bring out the sculptural depth.

Painted detail on the face.

And I got it all finished before Sunday!

Help a fellow Artist!

I have a friend on 
Deviant Art,
who makes amazing 
steampunk paraphernalia
(I have one of her fab Steampunk  rings)
and paints really charming and quirky images.

Like this anxious
Balloon Twisting Porcupine.

Or the gently humorous
Angler Fish with Reading Light

She's about to break out on her own,
making cards from her paintings
and I thought I'd 
give her a leg up
and post her Indiegogo page.
Go and visit, every little helps.
 Share, if you can.

In doll news,

Mistress Melinda is coming along.

But I think she'd like me to hurry it up.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Big project.

After restoring the
Infant of Prague
I was asked to make some alterations
to a large wall crucifix
 that hangs in a dark corner.

This is it hanging on my white wall.

It's a lovely piece
but with a dark oak cross 
and a bronze finish figure
it's pretty much invisible
where it hangs in the church.

The figure itself is beautifully modelled
with a lovely faux bronze patina.
I know this because I've had to restore this figure before
when he lost a thumb and some fingers,
and I had to match the paint finish.

This time,
I'm going to try to make him look like
a traditional carved and painted figure
as I don't think St Mary's has one.
It's a modern-ish building and most of the 
figures have a Mid-Century feel.

This is the first coat.

Sidestepping the loaded argument about
Christ's ethnicity
I've gone for a colour that's 
light enough to be seen in a dark corner
and will provide a contrast to the dark hair
and not be pink.

I'm not painting Jesus Piano Baby pink!

He really is beautifully sculpted
and the lighter colour shows the detail.

I hope to have him finished 
and back in place by
next Sunday.

I do feel privileged that 
the church trusts me with its
valuable and sacred figures.

In other news,
is finished!

Have some pictures!

Firstly, the 
Top Hat.

Feathers and lace.

Steam GPS compass.

Fully functioning antennae.

The veil can either be tucked up,
or pulled under the chin for a riding hat effect.

Like this.

Here she is
sans hat,
reading her notes.

I hope Spring has finally come to wherever you are.

Unless you're Antipodean,
 I hope you're having a wonderful Autumn.


Friday, April 12, 2013

She knows if you've been bad or good

Progress on my
wicked boudoir doll. 

More of the boots,
now with faux stockings.

The heels have a
cocktail stick armature
with paperclay 
and more paperclay for the sole.
I was worried about it cracking 
or flexing away from the fabric
but it all seems pretty secure.

Now she has hair 
(dirty blonde!)
and a face
and a name.

You'll address her as Mistress, however.

The stockings are made from tulle
with  seams at the back.
They'll have suspenders 
(Garter belt?)
and little garters.

I've finally worked out how to make the face 
with no center seam over the mouth,
which does make the lips easier to paint.

And I'd better get back to work
or I'm going to be in trouble.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A rush job

Just before Easter Sunday
like, about four days before
my Mother in Law calls me
and asks if I could do a rush job.

With the emphasis on 'rush'.

This Infant of Prague
had been knocked out of his niche.
He'd had a pretty efficient repair job
and hats off to whoever did it
because plaster is a cow to glue together.
The joins were strong and solid.

But some of the fragments didn't lie flat
and the cracks were horribly visible.
Could I pretty him up again
Easter Sunday?

So I did!

And, because this really was a rush job
non-stop painting and sanding, 
painting and sanding,
painting and sanding,
there's no finished picture.
Which is a pity,
because he looked pretty spiffy
 when he was done.

Back to Steampunk Rabbit 
and the commission.
Here she is with her clothes finished.
Her fitted jacket turned out
better than I had hoped.
 Corset laced at the front, 
with a pocket for her
Time Piece.

Riding habit influence at the back,
with buttoned flaps and epaulettes.

She has a tiny key on a chain,
which could be worn as a bracelet
or anklet,
or discreetly tucked into her blouse.

The hat!
Finally, the hat.
It  was going to be glued in place
but it actually sit nicely over her ears
so it's going to be separate.

I'm still adding bits.
Feathers and then some more lace
and ribbons
and the silver gears.

 This is a gear on the back of her 
Time Piece.

And this is the front.
It's not a watch, 
she tells me.
It's a 
Time Piece.

I'm not sure what it does.
Time Travel, maybe?

Here she is, posing.
Rule Buntannia!

Next, a sudden project
when Hubby asked me 
how fast could I make a doll.
The last time he asked that
I made Marie, and she took a month!

But I had an idea I was flirting with.

This is part of it.

And here's two, together.

Painted and sanded and painted and sanded and painted etc.

And this rather disturbing photograph here.

More when I have more!