Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Return of the Calorie Free Chocolate Rabbit

A no-calorie chocolate bunny.
Sugar free.
Fat free.
Cholesterol free

Yes, I know it's not 

actually made of chocolate.
 And, technically,

Maybe I should have said

 'Inedible Chocolate Bunny'? 
But that doesn't sound quite the same.

The bunnies are sporting the very popular
from the wonderful Graphics Fairy.

These are made with
an enlarged version
So, you could make some too.

Or buy them on Etsy, which is easier.

I just made two, originally.
and now I have lots!

The rabbit graphic in the background is

Progress on the
Steampunk Rabbit

Sweet little drawers!

I have hoarded this fabric
with the bunny in a top hat.

Apparently it's discontinued
and I bought the last three yards
left in the shop.

I'm delighted to be able 
to use it for 
Steampunk Rabbit's knickers.

They need finishing.
Gathers around her legs
and some lace.
maybe a bow or two,
or a button.

Why embellished knickers?
because everyone,
looks up the skirt of a rag doll.

Might as well put something there
worth looking at.

Here she is, posing.
Her paintwork is all sealed
and she's ready for her clothes.

Firstly, a pintucked blouse.

Tiny pintucks, huh?
There's a trick to it.

First, make the pintucks,
as small as you can.

Then, wash the piece,
in hot water if it can take it.

Tumble dry.

The fabric shrinks
making tight and teeny little tucks!

This piece is for the front of the blouse.

It's easier to pintuck the fabric
and then cut out the pattern pieces,
than to cut first and then sew.

That's the most helpful hint 
I have with dollmaking.

As far as possible,
Sew then cut.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rabbit Spam

Not that I'd eat rabbit spam.

Here is Steampunk Rabbit's progress so far,
in  a spammage of photographs.
I've also updated the pictures
in my Etsy shop.

Beginning painting

Painted torso and limbs,
before first sanding.

Head and eyes painted black.

Cold, dead eyes in grey.

Now eyes with colour and light!

Posing by the curtains.

Close look at eye.

Sitting on the mantelpiece in the

Glamour Shot.

So, now she is all made and just needs dressing!
I need to seal her paintwork and for that 
I have to wait for drier weather
at the weekend.

Also, I'm very honoured to be chosen to give her a name.
I'm considering Miss Lettie Delaval.

I am, of course, open to 
other ideas.
If you have a name for 
Steampunk Rabbit
please feel free
to put it in the comments.
If I pick a name
I will hand out prizes!

Like Alice!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Here is
Steampunk Rabbit
posing in
Hubby's Steampunk Study

Here is her
Moody Steampunk pose,
 with watch.

 It's a feature of BJD
that their faces show different expressions
depending on the light and the angle.

I tried for that with
Steampunk Rabbit.

Seen from the other side, with more light
she seems quite an optimistic little thing.

Optimistic about getting some clothes, maybe?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get in Gear.

First of all...

Mina, over at
had her second Blogiversary
in January, with a giveaway!

I was really thrilled to be
and Mina sent me a parcel
full of all kinds of goodies.

Papery wonders!.
Stickers and postcards!
Laces and trims!

And gears! 


There's a key in there, too.
And a tiny keyhole!

Thank you so much, Mina
for your wonderful selection.
of steampunky goodies!

Which leads me to
 Steampunk Rabbit

This is a quick sketch done with a tablet
(Christmas present from Hubby!
Thank you Hubby!)
so I could try out 
different ideas.

This  is the working drawing
of Steampunk Rabbit.
I use this for all the design work,
adding to it as the doll develops.

It's drawn to scale,
more or less,
which is why there isn't room
for her boots.

Talking of scale,
I ordered some pretty things for 
Steampunk Rabbit
and was so delighted
when they arrived
I just had to share.

See these keys?
Aren't they pretty?.

So ornate and Victorian.
Silvery and curly.
Pierced and delicate.

and really teeny weeny!

I bought a whole bag from EBay.
Now I just want to add them to everything!

I hope you all had a wonderful 
Valentine's Day!.

(This is the rose I bought 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sneak Peek!

Happy Valentine's Day!
 (Which is ending in about 5 minutes.)

Here is a sneak peek of
my first on-line commission.

It's for a 
Steampunk Bunny!

I know!

I'm so excited!

The rabbit is based on
Miss R White,

And yes, rabbits look funny
when seen from the front.

Steampunk Bunny
has a body,
but she needs a bigger shoulder plate
and painting and then
the bunny part is done.

I'm waiting for silver gears and some lovely lace
to arrive and then I can start dressing her.

I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Thank you to everyone for 
your input about the patches
You're absolutely right!

And, by a stroke of luck, 
one of my favourite
 historical costume blogs,
had  just written a whole feature
on the wearing of patches,
It's a wonderful article
with lots of research and pictures.

Thank you, Isis!

So, now Marie has a patch.

A little, historically correct, dot of black
to emphasis her eye.

She also has a feather fan.

I gave her wired fingers
so I thought she'd better have
something to hold.

She's all done now.

Oh! Oh!

I got a commission!
A commission I'm just thrilled about.
Pictures as soon as I have some.

And it's goodbye to 
Miss Polly!
She's off to England.

She'll be missed!

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