Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mabel Bunt : Free and Easy. Free Book!

When I'm not being a doll maker,
I'm being a writer.

I've been lucky enough to co-write a 
ribald, swashbuckling adventure with
about Mabel Bunt;
a girl with a big heart and 
loose morals who is sent to
comfort a noble on his last night
before his beheading.

She gets into all kinds of trouble
and find herself a fugitive from the
king's justice and a shadowy secret society!

Swordplay, corsets, derring-do all ensue.

The first book,
is available right now
for a free download.

Free download
until Sunday, 24th April.

After that, it's $2.99.
So, almost free?

The next book,
is available now,

Find out what happens next
is Mabel's extraordinary adventures.

I was delighted to be
able to do the cover work for
both these novels.

This is the mask I made for the second volume,
with my first try or a crackle finish
using the school/PVA glue technique.

I was really thrilled with how it came out
and how stable it's been. 
No flaking or cracking.

And this is my Mabel Bunt doll!

Here are the links for 
the Mabel Bunt free download
around the world.

Thank you so much
for your support.

Every free download really does help us.
Every book purchase means we can continue
to write this wonderful story.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cult of Doll : Secret Project

Well, I can't tell you anything about this.
It's a secret.

What I can tell you is that
all will be revealed on
April 24th 2016.

It's been a wonderful,
uplifting event to be involved with
and I'm delighted to 
be included here with some fabulous
and inspiring doll makers.

For more information and the big reveal
visit the 
Facebook page.