Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dollmakers on Thursday. Return to Nevermore

And this would have gone out on Thursday
if it hadn't been for the interweb.

I had a LOVELY man come and fix it
who worked all afternoon,
 despite high temperatures,humidity 
snakes and the fact that our phone line 
is 6 thousand feet longer than it should be...

He is a true hero.

Back to the post.

I'm a huge fan of 
by Georgina.

And now I have one!
I'm so thrilled!

So, I'm inviting you to share
the deboxing
(yes, it's a word!)
of Maud and Luscius.

Maud came all the way from England
securely wrapped and packed
in a box.

With a Nevermore Dolls sticker
and lot of padding to keep her comfy.

Georgina hand-made and printed
cards to accompany Maud
that tell her sweet little story.

I really love the photograph of Maud's sweet face
and the fancy embossed  cut-outs.

With Maud, came Luscius the Snail,
Maud's book, her treasures in a glass bottle
and pretty cushions to lounge on.

See the green speckles on Luscius' back?

Now, a teaser shot,
just to show you the lovely tag
tied to Maud's elbow.

And here she is, reclining on the bubble wrap.
Isn't she lovely?

What you can't tell from the photograph 
is how lovely she feels
when I pick her up.

She made of resin
from Georgina's own moulds
and had a lovely smooth finish
and weight in the hand.

Here is her daydreamy face.

And here is the detail of her headdress.

Look at the seed beads sewn into the braid!

Maud really is a very lovely doll
and I'm very lucky to have her.

Georgina is a wonderful doll maker
who makes imaginative and 
intriguing dolls.

To see new dolls see
Nevermore Dolls facebook.

I need to make Maud a sofa.
She's getting a little tired of living in the box.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is  the progress
I've made with my pair of Alices.

I'm just waiting for
low-humidity weather
to seal the paint work.

The wigs have been
dyed yellow
with a kind of
ombre effect.

The hands fit together!
I'm so pleased!

Daydreaming Alice
has her striped stockings.

She also has a big first for me!
I've finally worked out how
to paint the waterline,
the inner edge of the lower eyelid.

Yay me!

They're trying on their drawers,
and they're going to have
little cotton chemises
to wear under their dresses.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Teasing.

This sleeping Alice
has been a real sweetheart to make.

She needs clothes,
and I can't decide on
an original Tenniel Alice
or a Dark Alice
in black velvet.

Help, anyone?

I'm already making 
a companion Alice
(who is awake)
 in the traditional Tenniel 
blue dress and white apron,
for a commission.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another tease

Dollmakers on Thursday: Natasha Morgan.

lives and works in Wales
and creates dolls
with very distinctive faces
and beautifully constructed clothes.

Distinctive faces?

There's no mistaking her style.

Here is a stack of WIP dolls.

Here is The Seamstress
complete with feathered hair.

Beautiful clothes?

Outfits are carefully constructed
with correct undergarments
and historical detail.

Wonderfully authentic crinoline.

Natasha's  gorgeous Mina Harker.

I've loved these dolls  from the
 first time I saw them on the internet
and thought what a distinctive look they had,
refreshing and new.

And now I have one of my own!

Natasha put some
 little peg dolls
and one was an 
Alice White Rabbit doll.

I know, right?
So I bought her!

This is her 
(Yes, that's a word.)

Oooh! A parcel!
All bedded in soft patterned
tissue paper.

Look at the pretty wrapping
and the lace!

The printed page
'Structure of the Heart'
will go on the wall
in Hubby's 
Steampunk Study

Here she is.

Isn't she wonderful?

Having tea with my bunny
 by Cynthia Toy of

I an so thrilled with this sweet little doll.

To see more of Natasha's dolls

And if you like her peg dolls

Tuesday, September 3, 2013