Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting ready for the dark nights...

here's a dark knight.

Feel better?

(to bring some of you up to speed)
I'm co-writing a novel
with the writer, B.R. Marsten

 B. R. Marsten and I would be delighted
if you could pop over and have a (free) read.

We'd love to know if you can read it on your device,
and if you enjoy it.

What's it about? 

It's the picaresque adventure
of a woman of low repute,
Mabel Bunt.
I'd insert a picture of Mabel here,
but all I have are rough sketches.

That's ok.
 Mabel is a pretty rough kind of girl,
living in a changing world;
a world that has corsets and daggers and masks.

(Yes, there'll probably be a doll, too.)

I'm having a lot of fun with my 

I'll be making them all the way to Halloween!

I've had a couple of lovely people 
commission a dolls' tea set,
which is a delightful idea.

I'm open to all kinds of suggestions,
and if there's something special you'd like
just let me know.

Hot tea and a book to read.
That's one of the best things
about long dark nights.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good news, everyone!

Well, all kinds of exciting things have happened!

 (And I don't mean getting stung on the foot,
 by a wasp, in the shower.
Because that happened. 
And yes, by definition, it was exciting.
but not in a good way.)

I did another book cover!

This is the second novel about
B R Marsten's charming, pragmatic

It's as witty, intriguing 
and darkly funny as the first,
with Oliver doing the terrible things he does;
cleanly, calmly and wearing a nice suit.

To celebrate the release of 
 B R Marsten is giving away 
for free. 

is available here, on Kindle.

You don't need a Kindle
to read a Kindle book

Just add to your laptop/PC/smartphone
and you're all set!

Go read about the 
wickedly adorable Oliver!

(and maybe I'll get to do another book cover!)

Other exciting stuff.

I finished my third conjoined twins,
Helena and Hermione, 
and have a commission for another.

I also have a commission for a two-headed raven!
I know! 

I have four Vampires to make.

I learned to insert lace!

Lace in position.
(Note pintucks!)

Lace sewn in and
background cut away.

Matching lace on hem.

This is for a doll in a Jane Austen type night gown.

And finally, I made these!

Little Halloween Dolls' Tea Sets.

These are altered dolls' tea sets
with paper clay skulls
and gloomy, gothic
monochromatic paints
all sealed and lacquered.

on Etsy. If they're sold out,
I'm making more!

Just don't drink out of them!