Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting ready for the dark nights...

here's a dark knight.

Feel better?

(to bring some of you up to speed)
I'm co-writing a novel
with the writer, B.R. Marsten

 B. R. Marsten and I would be delighted
if you could pop over and have a (free) read.

We'd love to know if you can read it on your device,
and if you enjoy it.

What's it about? 

It's the picaresque adventure
of a woman of low repute,
Mabel Bunt.
I'd insert a picture of Mabel here,
but all I have are rough sketches.

That's ok.
 Mabel is a pretty rough kind of girl,
living in a changing world;
a world that has corsets and daggers and masks.

(Yes, there'll probably be a doll, too.)

I'm having a lot of fun with my 

I'll be making them all the way to Halloween!

I've had a couple of lovely people 
commission a dolls' tea set,
which is a delightful idea.

I'm open to all kinds of suggestions,
and if there's something special you'd like
just let me know.

Hot tea and a book to read.
That's one of the best things
about long dark nights.


  1. Hi dear, so do I have a post whit Haloween. COMPLIMENTS, love your blog! Kisses. NI

  2. Did you say Dark Knight or Hot Knight? Your tea sets are awesome, I just love them. I'll give the first Chapter a read tonight and let you know what I think.

    A new doll based on yours and Bens imaginations, can't wait!!!

    1. Heh! I left that up to the viewer to decide! I'm delighted you like my tea sets. I've had such fun with them!

      As for Mabel, writing some right now! Still working on a doll idea, though.

  3. Yes, I'll admit I'm looking forward to seeing a Mabel Bunt Doll. Love the post. Maybe Superman will deign to play our out of his element King, what do you think? He has the jaw for it.

    1. I'd be happy for him to do that. :) I get to cast the heroes, right? As for the Mabel doll, you're going to have to give me some input for something other than her huge assets. *waves hands in the air in a curvy shape*

  4. I have the teaser, the amazing sculpted tea set, and now the chilling temperatures! Perfect staging I'd say!
    On my iPad their are no pic's and I don't think I want pic's ( I could go to laptop) I have already cast your persona and image from the fairy festival!
    Be sure! I will conjure up the appropriate male support!
    Thank you so much for the Over The Top! tea set! and the speedy delivery! to northern Canada! I am still speechless over that!
    Comfy hugs! xoDebi

    1. I an really thrilled that you got the tea set safe and sound! I didn't wonder how well they'd travel. I'm so happy you're pleased with them and it's really nice that the first prototype set went to someone I know. :)

      I know people had some problems viewing Mabel but it was an interesting experiment and thank you very much for taking part!

  5. A Mabel doll! What a delight! This collaboration is going to be just brilliant!

    1. I'm having so much fun with it, writing and drawing and (Hopefully soon) making a Mabel in all her tarty glory!

  6. I love your scary tea sets. I hope to make one mine some day!

    1. Thank you so much, Nicola! When you make one, I'd love to see it!

  7. Yes- there MUST be a Mabel doll. She has the perfect spirit and attitude.

    Congratulations on your new adventures.

    1. Hah! Thank you, Laura! Yes, there's so much Mabel in my head from writing her, she has to burst forward (pun intended) as a doll!

  8. Oh yes the nights are getting sooo much longer now and it is getting colder! I can see why everyone is going mad over your teasets, they're so lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I honestly didn't think they'd be so popular! However, Hubby keeps saying I really should embrace my dark and creepy side more! ;)

  9. Hey busy girl ;o) Love those tea sets ;o) I would love to see a Mabel doll ;o)
    And, you are co-writing a novel too!
    I am trying to catch up in blog world! I was bit up with yellow jackets on the right side of my head! Still itchy, but I am doing better!
    Big Hugs xoxo

    1. Ow! Ow! I didn't know about the waspies. Ugh! Poor you! I hope you're feeling better.

  10. Wow! You've been up to all kinds of busy mischief! Good mischief, I might add. Beautiful tea sets these are too. So sweet! And the book sounds very intriguing.
    lots of hugs,

    1. Oh, gosh, Teresa, I am SO busy and SO happy, doing the things I always wanted to do. It's wonderful! Thank you for coming by and thank you, too, for getting me started!


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