Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Good news, everyone!

Well, all kinds of exciting things have happened!

 (And I don't mean getting stung on the foot,
 by a wasp, in the shower.
Because that happened. 
And yes, by definition, it was exciting.
but not in a good way.)

I did another book cover!

This is the second novel about
B R Marsten's charming, pragmatic

It's as witty, intriguing 
and darkly funny as the first,
with Oliver doing the terrible things he does;
cleanly, calmly and wearing a nice suit.

To celebrate the release of 
 B R Marsten is giving away 
for free. 

is available here, on Kindle.

You don't need a Kindle
to read a Kindle book

Just add to your laptop/PC/smartphone
and you're all set!

Go read about the 
wickedly adorable Oliver!

(and maybe I'll get to do another book cover!)

Other exciting stuff.

I finished my third conjoined twins,
Helena and Hermione, 
and have a commission for another.

I also have a commission for a two-headed raven!
I know! 

I have four Vampires to make.

I learned to insert lace!

Lace in position.
(Note pintucks!)

Lace sewn in and
background cut away.

Matching lace on hem.

This is for a doll in a Jane Austen type night gown.

And finally, I made these!

Little Halloween Dolls' Tea Sets.

These are altered dolls' tea sets
with paper clay skulls
and gloomy, gothic
monochromatic paints
all sealed and lacquered.

on Etsy. If they're sold out,
I'm making more!

Just don't drink out of them!


  1. You are so talented Rhissanna, I love when you show us your work, it just makes me happy!!!

    1. Thank you! What a really sweet thing for you to say! :) I have to admit I'm writing the kind of blog I was looking for when I began to make dolls. I really liked to see what people were doing and how they did it.

  2. Oliver should come with a warning, he's highly addictive reading. :)

    Loving the lace and excited to see the new dolls, especially the two headed raven.

    1. Oliver is a bit of a lad, isn't he? All charm and nicely fitting suits and sudden death! ;) I know what you mean. As for the two headed raven, I am SO excited about that! He's still just sketches at the moment, though.

  3. Now couture designing ! The skills are piling up! By the sound of your list, we won't hear much from you till the New Year! lol. Congratulations, how wonderful to be embedded in your passion!
    Yes! I have both Oliver tales, but I can't promise about not sipping from the skulls!
    I am very pleased to have met you and love visiting your world! xoDebi

    1. Thank you so much, Debi. See, now I'm writing this, you have the skull tea set! I love your photograph with the bone candle. Beautifully staged! I should get you to come and photograph my dolls.

  4. Oliver and your twins get better and better. Stop looking at your chest! I was talking about the dolls. ;-D

  5. Congrats, congrats !! Great intrigue .
    TWo book covers
    and of course three will be on the way
    ~ as it's a charm :)
    Now time for some goth and tea !

    1. Goth and tea sounds perfect! I hope there's a third book, because I'd love to do another!

  6. Wow! You have been busy:) I love the tea set. You always come up with such fabulous ideas.

    1. Thank you so much Mary Ann. And dear me, yes, blissfully happily busy!

  7. Oh you have been so wonderfully busy. Your tea sets are so perfect! I love each of them for very different reasons.

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! I'm having so much fun with these tea sets!

  8. OMG you were stung! Hope you are ok! How awful! And in the shower too! I guess you are ok as you posted this!

    I love love love the doll tea sets! I will get one one day!

    And the two headed doll! I adore her! Reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter! Was that the reason for the name?

    1. You are sweet, Laura! The sting was a lot of yelling and stamping, but I didn't get a bad reaction or much swelling, so I was lucky!

      I'm so glad you like the tea sets! :)

      And yes! The client who wanted the twins sent me a picture of Helena as Bellatrix! So, I got the look from that, and got the names from Happy Potter/ Midsummer Night's dream.

  9. Your second book cover is just as fabulous as the first! Maybe even MORE fabulous... ^_~
    And that doll tea set is just to die for! I am in love.


  10. Congratulations on your new book cover! The insert lace is beautiful. Never thought about doing altered Halloween themed tea sets, cool.

    1. Thank you so much! :) The insertion lace has some wobbly lines, but it wasn't the complete disaster I was expecting! Now I want to try it in black. After I've painted some more tea sets. They are addictive!

  11. You are so amazing and such an inspiration.
    Keep dreaming those BIG dreams because you are making them come true!

    1. Aww, Laura, thank you! And you know all those things people say, about follow your dream, dream big, make it happen? They're all true! I'm so surprised and so happy to be where I am right now!

  12. Wow, you are busy!!! Congrats on the book cover ;o)
    Your conjoined twins are amazing!
    A two headed raven too? And, four vampires! Maybe next year, I can get one of your dolls ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you so much, Magic Love Crow! And I'd love for you to have one of my vampires! ;) When I make this two headed raven, I want you to come and tell me honestly what you think. You're my go-to expert on crows and ravens.


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