Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Monster Madness

 I went for Steampunk.

The late Victorians were big on
the insect theme

and it's only a small step to
steampunk and animate these little beauties
into creations of exotically beautiful horror.

Here is a selection.

Creatures crafted from
discarded parts.

My friend, Miss Magpie's Steampunk Observer.

Lego Steampunk Scuttler.

Watch-part Insects from

Creation of a clockwork insect.

One of my favourite films
has a spectacularly unpleasant 
altered  flea.

See it here, with its trainer's forceps
adding a hypodermic needle.

The flea's view as it travels to its target.

And here, its mind-altering toxin takes effect.

Here is my own Surveillance Arthropod.

(Right now, it's under your couch,
taking notes in Morse code.)

And a how-to, if you want to make your own.

Thank you so much,
for sharing in
May Monster Madness!

If I haven't visited your blog yet,
I'm on my way.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

What I'm doing right now.

What am I doing?

Well, I'm making a
Mabel Bunt Action Figure.

Here she is, looking unusually introspective,
which probably means Lord Guise 
has said something complicated...

She'll get tavern wench gear, and a tiny sword!

It's a rare perk of being a writer and
a doll maker; I get to make
my own action figures.

No, she does not come with kung fu grip

Read about Mabel Bunt here.

And here is Oona.

She's an interesting girl,
with at least two opinions on everything...

...and rarely agrees with herself.

Also, she's a little intimidated
by all this sunshine...

Anyway, back to this week's commercial.
Everyone's favourite action figure.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mad for Hats? Welcome to Mad Hat Day

 Welcome to Debi's

Mad for Hats?

Make your own!

I found a wonderful pattern for 
doll-sized decorative hats on 

I love the pattern, 
but I don't use it for my dolls
because it's not  for commercial use,
which is fair.

But when I got an opportunity
to use the pattern for a Mad Hat
I was so excited!

Here is my 
Mad Hatter Mad Hat!

I took the basic pattern
and loaded up Tenniel's illustrations
into the crown and brim.

I then printed  it out on cardstock
and cut it out and glued it together.

(Original hat design  on A Field Journal )

I don't know if this image will print for you.
If not, you'll have to try the original blank
version on

But once you have the basic shape, 
you could print out the design on any 
coloured or pattered thin card.

The hat was done and ready for the best bit.


An Alice-style talking flower.

A lacy brim
(This is one of those fancy laser-cut
cupcake holders)

Ribbons and braid.

Anna Lee models for you.

A raven's feather.

(Because they're like a writing desk...)

Thank you so much, Debi,
for this fun party!

Back later to see everyone's hats.