Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mad for Hats? Welcome to Mad Hat Day

 Welcome to Debi's

Mad for Hats?

Make your own!

I found a wonderful pattern for 
doll-sized decorative hats on 

I love the pattern, 
but I don't use it for my dolls
because it's not  for commercial use,
which is fair.

But when I got an opportunity
to use the pattern for a Mad Hat
I was so excited!

Here is my 
Mad Hatter Mad Hat!

I took the basic pattern
and loaded up Tenniel's illustrations
into the crown and brim.

I then printed  it out on cardstock
and cut it out and glued it together.

(Original hat design  on A Field Journal )

I don't know if this image will print for you.
If not, you'll have to try the original blank
version on

But once you have the basic shape, 
you could print out the design on any 
coloured or pattered thin card.

The hat was done and ready for the best bit.


An Alice-style talking flower.

A lacy brim
(This is one of those fancy laser-cut
cupcake holders)

Ribbons and braid.

Anna Lee models for you.

A raven's feather.

(Because they're like a writing desk...)

Thank you so much, Debi,
for this fun party!

Back later to see everyone's hats.


  1. I do love this Hat! And I Will be happy to make a bonnet of my own! Anna Lee models with perfection ! Thank you so much for celebrating May Day Hat Madness! xo

    1. My pleasure, Debi and thank you for running this event! This was just the opportunity I needed to try out this hat pattern!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Probably needed more rabbits, though, right? ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sharon! I love things that let me glue and stick stuff together. It's like the best rainy-day afternoon at school!

  4. Love the bonnet Anna Lee looks so beautiful in it.

    1. Thank you so much, Jane! I was surprised that the pattern made a bonnet big enough to fit her. I was expecting a little Barbie-sized thing.

  5. Oh my...Hortense is so going to want one of these!!! :D XXX

  6. Love, love, love that Ana Lee's expression matches the look on Alice's face on the hat. Perfect!

    1. Anna Lee does do wistful and detached quite well. No idea what's going on in her head (and I usually do know, if I made the doll) but at least it's all safely contained by the bonnet.

  7. I didn't realise how you could possibly make Anna Lee more beautiful... Yet you did! Perfect hat, love it and all it's trimming, gorgeous!

    1. Aww! Thank you, Shelle! That's a very sweet thing for you to say. I might send the bonnet off when I ship Anna, just as a surprise.

  8. Lovely! And what a perfect idea to use the Tenniel illustrations!!

    1. Tenniel does it best! I know there are some other wonderful illustrations of Alice out there, but Carroll and Tenniel collaborated on the Alice drawings, so they get to be considered cannon.

  9. Replies
    1. *hugs!* Thank you, Jennifer! The pattern does the work, really, I was just to happy to have an opportunity to use it.

  10. Replies
    1. That is the best possible thing you could say, Rommy! <3

  11. Well it's purple, so obviously I think it's stunning on Anna Lee. Well done, Rhissanna! :)

    1. Aww, thank you! And yes, purple is a good place to start with hats!

  12. This Mad Mad Hat is so very charming! Thank you for sharing it. This year is just going by so crazily fast! I have hardly been posting on my blog; maybe once every three weeks! Eeek!
    I am looking forward to A Fanciful Twist sometime this summer when Vanessa has her Mad Tea Party on her blog. I'm always ready for those festivities!
    I love the doll model you used for showing off the hat.
    Teresa in California

    1. Thank you so much, Teresa! I'm so happy you saw my Wonderland themed hat! Yes, I'm really looking forward to Vanessa's Mad Tea Party this year. So exciting. I have to admit I'm not here on the blog as much as I'd like. Very busy and Facebook seems to have taken over a lot of the Blog's functions.

      Big hugs to you!

  13. I love this hat! So creative and beautiful and fun and happy!! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you so much, Stacy! It was a lot of happy fun to make!

  14. What a cute and wonderful hat. Love your rendition of it

    1. Aww, thank you, Shashi! It was a real playschool moment making this, with the cutting and gluing!


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