Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Doll Day

It's World Doll Day!

The second Saturday
of every June is

My 'Alice, Dreaming' doll, dozing
in her bed on the lawn.

Started by Mildred Seeley
in 1986
it encourages the celebration of dolls
and the role of dolls
in spreading love and understanding.

Monday, June 9, 2014

More WIP and an Invitation to Tea

 First, here are some WIP 
images of my big conjoined twins.

The girls now have wild hair,
a sombre black dress
and striped stockings.

I'm trying a different method
of adding the legs, to 
allow for more natural posing.

The big skirt helps to balance the heads.

They still need shoes.

One of them will get a pretty ruffled choker,
The other will have a ribbon in her hair.
So you can tell who is who...

Now, an invitation!

Vanessa is inviting us all
to the fabulous, glorious, curious
Mad Tea Party 2014

I'll be there!
Will you?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oliver has a Date!

 Thank you so much to everyone
who took part in the 
Blog Giveaway between
and here at

Your support and enthusiasm
meant a lot, both to me
and to B.R. Marsten
who wrote the exploits of
the charming and deadly
Oliver Tunstall

The winner of the
Oliver Tunstall
doll action figure is


Oliver is packing his attache case as we speak.
He'll be travelling incognito.
Of course.

The fabulous Eliora

She  creates jewellery
and Pagan artefacts.

To read all about
the pragmatic, charismatic