Monday, October 21, 2013

So Good, So Dark : Lucy, a light in the Darkness.

Lucy Westenra.

Her first name
means 'Light'
rather ironic
in view of her fate.

Bram Stoker describes her
in her sarcophagus

"There lay Lucy, seemingly just 
as we had seen her
the night before her funeral. 

She was, if possible, 
more radiantly beautiful
than ever; and I could not 
believe  that she was dead.

The lips were red, 
nay redder than before;
and on the cheeks 
was a delicate bloom."

Dracula. Bram Stoker. 1897

Poor, dear Lucy.
Light in the Darkness indeed.

But we don't pity her.
We want to be her; 
be the sexy, powerful vampire
and live forever, forever young.

asked us to search for
"the delicious goodness that
blooms in the dark."

I think some of it is here, 
the glamour and wicked delight
of the vampire.
Forever beautiful and desirable
but greedy and amoral
as a child.

Thank you,
dear Magaly,
for inviting us and embracing us
in this wonderful party.

I had such fun
and made so many new friends.

Lucy Westenra
Paperclay over cloth.
Tea-dyed cotton,
vintage lace,
Hand-dyed Tibetan lambswool wig

Saturday, October 19, 2013

WIP : Lucy Westenra

Just spamming some photos of 
Lucy Westenra,

as it's Halloween
and I felt like making a
Halloween doll

Head sculpted, dried
and basic paint applied.

I now use the paper clay
to attach the shoulder plate
directly to the cloth torso.

See my green pepper?

Lucy has been given a skin tone
of pale, ladylike pink,
rather than undead white.

She has flaming red
Kool Aid hair,
orange flavour.

For her shroud,
I used a pattern for a
medieval chemise.

and the pattern is the same for a doll
as it is for a person.

The shroud falls from her shoulders,
to expose her throat.

Her sleeves end
in a lovely vintage trim
I've hoarded for ages,
waiting for the right doll.

Lucy's painted face,
waiting to be sealed.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween is coming!

and blogs are draping themselves in 
black and orange and red and purple. 

 Bats and cats. 
Cauldrons and pumpkins.

It's all very exciting

There are all kinds of goodies out there.
Like this.
from the wonderfully talented

A very satisfying, 
spooky little tale
about dolls
and wickedness.

Magaly asked me
if she could use
Bad Fairy
as an illustration.

Work those fishnets!
I was delighted and honoured.
and thrilled!

You don't want to upset
Bad Fairy
now, do you?

If you're in the mood for more spooky stories
read my offering here, in
The Narrator's Library.

It's not just spooky.
It's true!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Something new
I learned how to do!

This is a copy of Alice's 
white pinny.
It's complete with pockets
and red trim!

Like this one!

The hands fit into the pockets!
Can you hear how
excited I am?

The red trim?
Buttonhole stitch on 
my sewing machine.

I know, right?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Alice and her petticoat

More pictures of
Daydreaming Alice.

She has shoes with straps


a petticoat

with cotton lace

Shared with
Ivy and Elephants
What's it Wednesday.

Alice's Progress

Picture spam.

These are photos of
 Daydreaming Alice 
in her lacy drawers,
chemise and petticoat.

spamming pictures.

Only a dress
and apron to finish.

and she's done!