Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hues of Oz 2014.

This will all make sense in just a moment...

 This is my first year to 

Choose an Oz colour?

Well, that's not hard.



Of course not.
Dorothy's slippers were silver.


I was thinking of these.


I remember being horrified by
the meadow full of poppies.

You can keep your melting witches
and winged monkeys.

What winged monkeys? Where?

The insidious, stealthy suffocating 
sleep of the poppies,
that's what's truly frightening.

And poor Cowardly Lion,
who almost makes it to the 
edge of the meadow
before succumbing.

Poor Cowardly Bessie Lion

So, on the theme of horrific drugged sleep
and  poppies, I made this!

Printed on unbleached calico,
stuffed and embellished with
a poppy and a button.

And it's a giveaway!
With other stuff.

I don't know what you'd do with it,
but I recommend holding it in your hand
and shouting 'OZ!"

I'll slip it in a packet
with some other things.
Nice things!

Usual rules for a giveaway.

Follow my blog
and comment below
and you're all done.

(Blogger's Follower gadget
 is having a moment,
 so I've extended the deadline
for the giveaway.

If you're a new follower with a blog, 
let me know and I will follow you)

I'll be drawing the winner
on 8th April
 Good luck!

Dorothy Doll added to Giveaway!

For the other
Hues of Oz
you need to fly

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Look what I got! Thank you, lovely people!

You know how exciting it is
to get parcels in the post?
Wrapped packages,
 full of goodies from nice people?

I got two!

(otherwise known as Nevermore Dolls

sent me a wonderful surprise pack.

It was full of things to delight
a doll maker's heart.

I'd bought a pendant, 
and Georgina had filled the envelope with
all kinds of lovely things.

Earrings! Paper roses!
Tiny weeny cogs and charms!
Lace and ribbon!

And neat little squares of lovely fabric!
Big roses, little flowers,
soft cotton and dancing skeletons!

A scrap of  the cottage rose fabric
was just perfect for a Marie doll,
and got used straight away. 

Thank you so much, Georgina!

Check out Georgina's new shop,

The other parcel was from Summer,

See that, in the middle?
Yes, that is a chocolate rabbit.
And it's all mine...

The lovely dark purple dalia
found a place in 
Hubby's Steampunk Study.

With the nummy rabbit,
came festoons of lace
and ribbon 
in all sizes and colours.
Beads and ruffles
and sweet chiffon roses.

Perfect things for a dollmaker!

I love these gorgeous paper sunflowers.

Lovely things, just ready to be inspiration for a doll.
I already have plans for that  wonderful red lace.

Thank you so much, Summer!

Thank you both, 
for sending me such wonderful
treasures and trinkets and for understanding
just how precious such pretty little things can be.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update. Claudia WIP

Claudia, which I started for
Holly's Horrorlands
is just waiting for her dress.
(And, possibly, her coffin.)

She has pale, ivory skin,
to contrast with the peachy hair,
and grey shadows.

I wanted her to have bendable legs, 
so that she could be posed 
in a coffin or on a shelf.

Her drawers are just lightly stuffed,
with no leg inside.

Little red leather shoes!
I'm still considering adding rosettes.

She may have a skull companion.
A cheater skull, as I'm going to use a dollar store
plastic Halloween skull as an armature.

 Claudia in her underwear,
with her beloved doll.

Claudia's doll is dressed Marie Antoinette style
as a nod to Kirsten Dunst,
who played both characters.

Next week, the dress!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Alice, in white and blue

This is another photo spam,

because I really am happy with this doll.

Hubby said she has the nicest face,

and, as he's really not into dolls,

(despite the huge collection
 of Star Wars 'action figures')

I take his comment as a huge compliment.

Alice is wigged with suri alpaca hair,
a first for me,
and has a new design 
for her hands and feet.

I love making dolls that
teach me something new,

and help me feel I really am
 learning, and getting better.

I'd like to thank you all
(and Hubby!)
for your support and encouragement.

I don't think I would have 
made any progress at all
if it hadn't been for you wonderful people,
visiting and commenting.

Thank you!

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