Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Rabbits. Easter Bunnies. Mad March Hares. One Free Pattern

 If you want to rustle up a few  Easter bunnies, 
using an simple pattern with no gusset, 
 might I suggest this one?
This is the first (and only) pattern 
and I did think it might be helpful to put it up again 
in the Spring when rabbits and hares and bunnies and coneys
are in demand. Free, too!

It's quick and easy, uses those tiny pieces 
of really cute fabric you can't bear to throw away 
and you can glue on Dollar Store fuzzy pom-poms for tails. 
You can hang them on Easter baskets, 
or dangle some from Spring trees 
or grubby them and make bunny prims.
You can change the size of the pattern
 if you want bigger or smaller rabbits.

Polly, available on Etsy,  With rabbit.
(Polly is sold. And her rabbit)

These wee ones are small enough to make 
plushies for dolls, or for as key rings.
Friends hang them from their rear view mirrors.

I usually sew a stack of bodies and matching ears 
and sit in front of the telly 
while I stuff and stitch them together.

Here is the pattern

Print out the pattern. 

Draw around the bunny body 
on a doubled piece of printed cotton. 
Sew around the line, leaving the gap at the back
 for turning the body and stuffing.
Cut out the shape and clip the curves.
(I hate clipping curves)
Turn right sides out, stuff the nose firmly 
and then stuff the rest of the body. 
Sew the gap closed as neatly as you can. 
The tail will be glued/sewn  over this seam.

Each ear is two pieces.
 You can make the whole ear from 
 the same  fabric as the body
or you can use a contrasting cotton for the lining. 
Draw around each ear on doubled fabric. 
Leave the flat base open and sew around the ear. 
Cut out and clip curves.
Turn the ear right side out and iron it flat.
Tuck in the raw edges and
 sew the ears at a jaunty angle to each
side of the  bunny's head.

You can either stitch a pair of eyes,
 or sew a pair of bead eyes 
or leave the eyes off altogether.

Attach a pompom for a tail.

Then you're done. 
The bunny is open to all kinds of embellishments;
 button and ribbons and flowers and what-have-you.

If you make one I'd love to see it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miniature chair from Champagne Cork

the esteemed Dr Algernon Crupper 
tells us how to make a miniature bistro chair 
from the wire cage on a champagne bottle. 

as well as instructing us how to open a bottle of champagne without bathing our guests in it...

(I'm not much of a cook, but I'm a little vain about my ability to open a bottle of champagne neatly)