Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doll for Aunt Linda

Aunt Brenda and Aunt Linda are twins. so, obviously, I couldn't do a doll for just one and not the other. This is a WIP of a saloon girl, called Sookie. So far all she has is a feather in her hair, so I need to kit her out with a bustier and stockings and a short, frilly bustle skirt.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miss Polly's Dolly. Warning: Naked Doll

This is the doll before she was dressed.  The arms and legs are joined with dental floss. Why? Because it's surprisingly strong and easy to find, that's why. The idea was to make a doll whose limbs would fall  into natural poses when she was lain down or plonked in a chair. Actually, that's the idea behind a lot of my doll designs. It didn't quite work with this one. The stiffness of the fabric of her clothes and the lightness of the air-dry clay meant she was a little rigid. Ah, well.

That did make her ideal for a doll's doll, however.