Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Little Clothy Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood,

with her basket.

Off to grandma's house.

I hope she gets there!

...what was that?

if you fancy making your own.

Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring! New things happening!

First of all,
here is my new book!

Ready to read on Kindle
(you don't need a kindle)
and full of exciting stuff!
Mabel Bunt
and the
Masked Monarchs

Hi there!

Well, last year was a wild ride 
and I did all kinds of exciting things.

If it's been quiet here recently, 
it's because my writing time
has been put into writing, 
rather than blogging.

But we'll get to that in a minute.

First of all,
I'd like you to see the wonderful dolls
made with my little cloth doll pattern
by Edie Marie,
over at 

They're really sweet!

See? Lovely hair and such sweet little faces!

If you're interested in the doll pattern,
 it's here, complete with a photo tutorial.
Play around with it to make all kinds of dolls.

Like this fairy,

or a hit man...

Which leads me to my other news.

The hit man above (all 11 inches of him)
is the witty, pragmatic anti-hero of

Ben and I have been co-writing
feverishly to produce our first joint work
which will be going up on Amazon 
this weekend.

I'm so excited!

I did the cover, too!

Who's Mabel Bunt?

She's a girl of indifferent morals 
(and I choose my words with care)
thrust suddenly into a wild world
of intrigue, masks, swords and corsets.

Doesn't that sound fun?

I can tell you, it was fun to write!

I'll give you all a heads-up
when Ben lets me know the novel
is up and running on Amazon.

This will be a Kindle book, initially,
but that's ok. 


Yes, I was shocked too.

If you have a PC, a lap-top, a smart phone,
whatever you can get on to the Internet with,
to read Kindle books.

Lots of free books out there, too.