Sunday, April 27, 2014

Art Work!

I'm very excited!

I co-edit a writers' blog
with a bloggy friend
where we post up our own fiction
and work on a fantasy piece
we're writing cooperatively.

Mr N has his own blog, here.

Mr N commissioned me
to design the cover for his first book; 

I was thrilled!

When I was very small
I really wanted
to illustrate books,
so this is a dream come true!

Here it is.

is a darkly humorous interview
with a very engaging hitman.

It's worth a read.

If you don't have a Kindle
(and I don't)
you can download free software
to read Kindle books on your  
PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone 
or whathaveyou.

In addition to Oliver's adventures
there are all kinds of free books 
to load up and read.

In other news,
I'm working on my first male sculpt.

Here he is, trying out 
his flowing locks.

Reminds me of this image
of Parsifal 

That's the kind of hot-house, exotic 
feeling I'm going for.

I'm hoping to dress him in faded velvet and silks.

Any suggestions as to a name?

Lucien? Armand? 
Orlando? Vladimir?
Bill? (heh) 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Claudia finished and the giveaway. Graphic-heavy!

Remember back in February,
when I started making Claudia 
for Holly's Horrorland

She's finally completed!
(and sold!)

Here is a walkthrough
of her WIP stages.

Head sculpt in paper clay.

Rough face-up
(yes, that's the correct term!)
and wig try-out.
I didn't go with the fluffy blonde
 but instead chose a 
washed-out peachy pink.

Face painted and sealed.

Paperclay hands.

Drawers with vintage point de paris ruffles
and red kid leather shoes.
She's lying on her petticoat,
trimmed in my favourite cotton lace.

Claudia's doll WIP.
I dressed her as a Marie Antoinette 
as a nod to Kirsten Dunst, 
because she played both roles.

WIP coffin, with pillows from 

Claudia's chemise.

Claudia's printed coffin pillow.

The little red shoes
with ruffled rosettes.

Antique lace on the bodice.

The skull brooch.

Pretty little skulls
all in a row.

Eyelets for corset-style lacing.

This is a companion skull;
sculpted, painted and sealed.

The finished coffin,
with pillow and frills.

Claudia and her skull.

Claudia and Marie.

 Friends for ever!

(Which is actually possible, if you're a vampire)

And now

The winner of the

Dorothy, Toto and
the poppy cushion.

I listed all the names
and used a
Random Number Generator
to pick out a winner.


The Winner is...

(James C Wallace II)

So, congratulations
to the
Magician of Oz!

In two weeks
I have a
and will be arranging another


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Margot's Bed.

is one of my favourite films.

Excitement! Love! Drama!
History! Dumas! Rapiers

I also love

 So when I decided to get myself a Deridoll,
I always knew what I wanted.

The sweet little parcel!

The sweetest little gift card


Here is Queen Margot,
in her fabulous dress.

And here she is by Deri,
complete with her necklace
and cute bodice lacing!

See the label?

Here is Queen Margot,
all sexy and what-have-you.

And here she is by Deri,
 in her mask!

Exactly the same!

What else was in the parcel?

Ribbon roses!

Deri's exquisite, handmade ribbon roses!

They're tiny and beautiful
and I am in awe of how she makes them!

As she knows!

Thank you, Deri!

To order your own Deridoll

When the Queen arrived
I got a wonderful surprise from my good friend

You can't see it in this photo,
as the Queen has claimed it 
as her royal bed
and is lying in state.

Here it is!

It's a HUGE fabulous felt pin cushion
with the most spectacular ribbon flowers.
Look at them!

On top is a really sweet little button
with grapes. 
It's now on my sewing table,
stuck full of pins.

is another bunny lover.
(That sounds wrong, doesn't it?)

She also does wonderful jewellery

Here are two gorgeous things
she sent me!

Look at that fab rabbit!

And this! 
A Steampunk Bunnyfly!

I love this so much, I wore it
when I was sworn in as an
American Citizen.

(I know you can't see it, but it's there. Honest!)

Oh, and this is taken
on Hubby's phone
so I apologise.

Flag looks good, though!