Monday, November 26, 2012

New doll

Not new, exactly.
Perhaps I ought to say
'finished doll', as I made the doll ages ago,
and never knew what to dress her in.

Then I was given a 
lovely old handmade doily.
It had beautiful frayed lace
scraps of torn petit point work
and little triangles of white embroidery.
Too damaged to use, 
I salvaged what I could and
 it inspired the doll's dress.

So, now she's dressed in
 tea-dyed cotton, with cotton lace.
I'v used more vintage lace
in a dark ecru
and  tea-stained some Venetian lace 
for her overskirt.


Polymer clay and cloth
About  10" tall.

There's raggy fragments of the lace 
on her long cotton drawers, 
and a nice piece
 draped around her shoulders.
I left the edges raw,
to show the scraps were
authentic and old,
so she has a 
shabby chic look.

She started out like this.

There the head is baked
but not yet sanded,
The arms are ready to bake.

This is her sewn into her cloth body.
It's limp, which allows her to pose 
in a very natural relaxed way.

I hope to find that chair she's sitting in,
as she does rather suit it.

(Forgive the ugly, horrible faux stone wall behind her.
I'm working on it...)

 I'm putting her up on Etsy, for now,
but I do need
to take some better photographs.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you, everyone, 
who has been sweet and kind and visited my little blog.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bye-bye Sookie!

Sookie found a new home!

(I'd better make Aunt Linda a new doll!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jammie Girl's Shop Feature.

Angie Ballard
over at 
has featured my Etsy shop
in her

She's promoting
(selflessly, and in her own time)
crafters who make gifts and decorations
that might be good for Christmas.

If you like buying hand made, unique items
or you make some that would make
lovely items for Christmas
pop over to her blog and stay tuned.

Ella, seen here before she got
all her ribbons and roses
because she's all red and green

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm so excited!

Miss R White and her Alice doll have found a new hone!

I'm just so happy for her. 
She's going somewhere wonderful!

Also wonderful
(I've had a just amazing week!)

Dear Simon,
who is a man
 of such dedication and skill 
he makes his own lace 

and dyes his own fabric 
for his exquisite 
and highly sought-after 

doll clothes.

sent me a doll.

A  beautiful, much-coveted
adorable doll.
Out of the blue,
from his wonderful heart,
like the best present ever.

A fabulous, exquisite doll
designed by Helen Kish
who makes the most lovely
child dolls.

Here she is in Miss Rabbit's dress
trying it on for size before I iron it

Thank you, thank you, Simon!
You're a special and wonderful person
and I'm in awe of your generosity.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Share The Love. Handmade Christmas

(because anything worth doing can be done in jammies)
has had an amazing idea.
And if you make things and want to get them out there,
you need to hop over to her blog

For the festive season, 
she's running a feature,

If you make hand-made goodies
and sell them on-line
or if you enjoy buying
hand-made artisan treasures
for others
Angie has found a way to get you together.

If you make something-
get over there, and let her know what you sell
and where you sell it.

 If you need to buy something-
get over there and see what she has on offer.

Yours truly will be featured on 
14th November