Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm so excited!

Miss R White and her Alice doll have found a new hone!

I'm just so happy for her. 
She's going somewhere wonderful!

Also wonderful
(I've had a just amazing week!)

Dear Simon,
who is a man
 of such dedication and skill 
he makes his own lace 

and dyes his own fabric 
for his exquisite 
and highly sought-after 

doll clothes.

sent me a doll.

A  beautiful, much-coveted
adorable doll.
Out of the blue,
from his wonderful heart,
like the best present ever.

A fabulous, exquisite doll
designed by Helen Kish
who makes the most lovely
child dolls.

Here she is in Miss Rabbit's dress
trying it on for size before I iron it

Thank you, thank you, Simon!
You're a special and wonderful person
and I'm in awe of your generosity.


  1. Wow, your doll is so magical! And I love those dollclothes, I wish someone would make me a full size version!

    1. I know,! Aren't they wonderful? Simon makes the most amazing dolls clothes.

  2. What a wonderful and most generous gift! I love Helen Kish dolls.. I am in awe of his exquisite lace making! I have never met anyone who makes their own lace, have you?

    I am so happy you found a home for Miss R. White, but what in world are you going to do without her? She is so adorable.
    I am off to visit Simons blog.

    1. I'm going to take some more photos before she goes. I'll miss her, but I has such fun making rabbit doll, I'll have to make another.

      The Kish doll is so lovely and I am just in complete awe. What a wonderful thing he did, so generous and sweet.

  3. Wow and double wow:) It's wonderful that Miss R Rabbit has found a new home but we will all miss her. And, how lucky are you. Simon's work is marvelous.

    1. I'm just so happy! I was stunned when I opened the box, just open-mouthed in amazement!It was a wonderful thing for Simon to do and so, although I'm saying goodbye to Miss Rabbit, I am saying hello to a new doll!

  4. Looking at the dolls on your website I am absolutely in awe of anyone who has the talent to make such things. They are amazing.....

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! Here, I only made Miss Rabbit, at the top there. Although I did make her yellow dress!

  5. I'm so embarrassed! I haven't looked at the blogs in forever and just now saw this post! Oh my goodness! You are so sweet to put my pictures on your blog! I'm blushing, oh my goodness!

    1. Heh! Hi there, Simon! How could I not blog about this? You are so sweet and I was absolutely thrilled by your gift! Thank you, again!


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