Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photo-spam. Little Alice

This is my second commission of the year.

A little Alice type doll.
She has a cloth body and upper limbs
(no stuffing in the upper limbs or the doll won't pose)
 paperclay sculpted face and hands, 
and sculpted shoes wrapped in soft leather.

Begin the photo-spam!

Now she'd all finished, 
in her tea-stained lace dress
and blue ribbons.

In the winter garden.

Sunshine, at last!

Alice in the peach tree.

In the shade.

Alice between my very short daffodils.

They're very late this year (and don't tell them,
but they're probably getting snowed on again this week).

Alice. Lovely posture!

The suri alpaca hair.

Lots of silk ribbon!
It was much easier to work with 
than I'd expected and I love how soft it is.

Striped stockings, obviously
and little glove leather mary-jane shoes.

This was the original design sketch.

I think the only things I added were
the ribbon roses on the shoulders.

I do have a ribbon rose fetish.

End of photo-spam!

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Ivy and Elephant's wonderful

Thank you for your patience.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Vampire's Day Soiree: Which Vampire?

Welcome to another chapter of
Holly Horrorland's

I wanted to make a Mina Harker
as a companion piece to my 

And when I say Mina Harker,
I don't mean this one,

(although I will make her one day, complete with red dress)
I mean this one

(Steampunk style, with hat!)

So, I got out my paperclay and started sculpting.

And I looked at the head sculpt closely and thought,
'This isn't Mina. This looks like Claudia.'

This Claudia.

From Interview with the Vampire.

 All that pout and wickedness, right?

So, I did a wig try-on.

and a rough sketch on the raw, dry clay.

Pale skin, red lips,
hectic cheeks, dark eyes.

I hope when I paint her
she keeps this vampiric glow.

There are a lot of references to dolls
in the book/film.

Although it's the first time I've seen a doll collection
used to hide a body.

As Lestat and Louie
dress her up like a doll,
I'll be putting Claudia into something very fancy.

Like this, maybe?

I hope she likes it.

I'm thinking of making her a coffin.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Shameless Self Promotion

now on Etsy.

Alice, Dreaming

And yes,
my hands were frozen
taking these pictures.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Commission #1 Dark Haired Alice

 This is the first of this year's three commissions.

(I'm sorry about the photos
but it's been freezing rain all day
and the light's been crummy.
And it's cold.)

She is a brown-haired Alice
in a dress made of
vintage broderie anglaise lawn.

I'm still thinking about colours for the final trim
but something spring-like would be nice.

I'd like some Spring.

Anybody got any ideas about trimming
colours for the white dress?

Feel free!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm a convert!

This is my commissioned
with suri alpaca hair
from Katherine (and Bravo) at

I told Katharine the fibre was for a doll
and she sorted out some nice long locks for me.

See how it hangs,
like real hair?

This is the back.
Bed hair, maybe?

I straightened it,
with my hair straightener!

And it all went on nicely
with PVA(white) glue.
I have to try this fibre again.
I'm thrilled!

This is Bravo!

WIP Painted Face

This is the head, painted and sealed!

I finally got the courage to use
 the new suri alpaca hair
from Bravo the alpaca.

This is Bravo.

You can buy his fibre

It went on
much more easily
than I expected,
and it hangs beautifully.

I'm a suri convert!

Photos tomorrow!