Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eating Cake

A flying visit.
just to say
has gone to a new home
across the sea.

I'm very happy for her,
although transatlantic journeys
make me nervous until I know
the parcel has arrived safely!

Cake for everyone!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hoi! Don't eat that!

This is Mr Butterbean
all grown up.
Just in time for 
Easter, too.

So I shall expect 
brightly coloured eggs
Easter morning.

 I tried to sketch him.
It was remarkably unsuccessful.
 because he won't keep still.
And secondly,
because my sketchbook is tasty.

This bunny will keep still!
 This bunny is made by the wonderful
Cynthia Toy,
(yes, that's her real name)
who makes the loveliest
cloth fairy dolls.

I have wanted one of these bunnies
ever since I first saw one.
But there's only a few made
every Spring.

This year, I nabbed one!
Hubby bought it for me.

Here she is on 
Steampunk Rabbit's lap.

For more on Cynthia's work
see her Etsy shop,

Cynthia is on

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All caught up!

Where was I?

I was in hospital.
Just for a test.
And the test is done.

And I am fine 
and have the photographs to prove it.

And, uh.

So, that took out a couple of days 
but I'm caught up now.

Here is Steampunk Rabbit

She's sewn into her pin tucked shirt
and her lacy bloomers.

She has a tail.

And there are buttons down the back of her shirt.

Even though she is sewn into her clothes
they're all properly made.

French seamed, too!

The blouse is lined in the bodice,
front and back.
There's a button on her bloomers
over the tail
lace around the edges.

Her lace skirt is lined
and sewn into a waistband.

And see.

Now she has stockings!

Next is the hat
and the boots
and the little tailored jacket!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pretty in Grey?

Or Fifty Shades of Pink.
(Actually, 50 Shades of Pink
sounds like a
much kinkier book.
But I digress)

Steampunk Rabbit is going along nicely.
Here she is in her
pin tucked blouse.

I've left the front in simple pin tucks
as she'll have something Steampunky
around her neck
and I didn't want it to disappear
in a mass of frothy lace. 

What I did have for her blouse
is some absolutely perfect
insertion lace

Since then, I''ve had to tread water for a bit.
Steampunk Rabbit
is to be dressed in 
black and white and silver.
The monochrome palette 
is ideal for different textures, 
so I wanted to give her a lace skirt.
I ordered some 
lovely black and white lace.

(Yes, this is their image
but under the circumstances...)

Isn't it pretty?
I was so excited when it arrived.

And it is lovely lace.
Black and PINK
lovely lace.


I can't make the jacket 
until I have the right lace
for the skirt.

So off I went on the hunt again.

And today I got my new lace.
It's perfect.

It's a very, very dark grey,
with simple embroidery in silvery grey
and satin-stitched roses
of white and  grey.

All crunchy texture and subtle shades.
Are there fifty of them?

Let me get my riding crop
and you can count.

Alright, Mr De Mille,
I'm ready for my close-up

 Shared with
Pink Saturday.

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