Thursday, January 30, 2014

WIP Brown-Haired Alice.

 Here is a photo-spam
of my commissioned
brunette Alice WIP.

Rough paper clay head


Getting ears.

Sketch of the face

Close-up of sketch.
(Final painting won't look
anything like this!)

Painted hands and head

Sculpted hands.
Cloth core, pipe cleaners 
and paper clay.

Next, eyes and wig!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Green Backpack

Sometimes, a doll just demands to be made.

I started here.

This is a pattern for a small doll 
I've been working on
for quite a while.

Now she has bendy arms, 
legs strong enough to stand, 
and a head that can go flat
or soft sculpted.

But the face caused me some grief.

Scary, huh?

  After a bit of work,
soft-sculpting a wider smile
and emphasising the eyes,
she looked like this.


She would like some hair, though.

(This is a clue about her final destination.
My write up on Magaly's wonderful

Now she has hair. 
And a sunhat.
And a big smile
which was what I wanted. 

You see...

....this doll was made as a thank -you for
whose strong, bright personality
pervades everything she does
and who has been a huge help
on my nascent writing blog 

This doll represents the titular character
of Magaly's own wonderful writing,
the wild and sweet 

In the story, she's a child
but the doll insisted she wanted to be a big girl,
going to college to study
Botany and Applied Folklore.

(I wish 'Applied Folklore' was a real subject. 
I'd be off to study for my MA right now)

Here she is, dressed in her shorts
and hat and all-important back pack.

I couldn't resist adding the flap and little green buttons.

Superman pose. No capes, darling.
No doll stand, either!

Bright, optimistic  I-can-do-anything look.

She made it clear she wanted a prancing tutu
over the sensible pink shorts.

Hence the removable tutu.

(I had a lot of fun making this frothy, no-sew skirt
and I'm going to make another doll to dance around in one.

And a tutorial, so you can dress up your
Barbies, bears, and BJD.

Or husbands, if you can make a big-enough one.)


Posing with hat.

Shimmying back view.

Here she is in my hand to show scale,
out in the freezing-cold sunshine.

If you want to see photos 

Magaly has a giveaway, too!
 Of books!
 Which is probably the best sort of giveaway.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's 2014! Happy New Year and happy new Alice.

 Well, that was 2013 
and here is a new year.

Happy New Year
and I hope yours is
creative and exciting
 and healthy and hopeful!

I have three commissions,
which is a great way to start the year.

Here is a working drawing for the first,
an Alice, with brown hair,
a pretty dress and big sweet eyes.

She's 20cm, which is a new scale to me
for a child doll.

It's going to be exciting!