Monday, November 5, 2012

Share The Love. Handmade Christmas

(because anything worth doing can be done in jammies)
has had an amazing idea.
And if you make things and want to get them out there,
you need to hop over to her blog

For the festive season, 
she's running a feature,

If you make hand-made goodies
and sell them on-line
or if you enjoy buying
hand-made artisan treasures
for others
Angie has found a way to get you together.

If you make something-
get over there, and let her know what you sell
and where you sell it.

 If you need to buy something-
get over there and see what she has on offer.

Yours truly will be featured on 
14th November


  1. That's an interesting idea... everyone in one place and lots of variety.

    By the way your favourite crow apparently has his picture in the latest Just Steampunk Magazine Vol 2. I haven't seen it yet. I saw someone had posted about it on Facebook.

    1. OH MY GOSH! Oh Mary Ann, that's fantastic! And much deserved. You know I love your Russell Crow!


    You are the only one so far, other than my husband, WHO GOT THE CONNECTION WITH JIMMY H.!

    I love, I mean, I just ADORE YOUR RENDITION OF THAT SONG! are clever, you are! I can't wait to show my husband your version. You must DO SOMETHING WITH IT! My goodness, that was hilarious!

    That giant rabbit in the photo is divine, no? ENJOY YOUR CREATIVE SENSES! Anita

    1. Just grins and grins..... Thank you, dear Anita!

      It was a puzzle to fit in some of your delicious images (I think I have a bit of a crush on the man with the owl. Looks like Hubby.) The statuesque lady in the aqua dress is clearly a mermaid, so I just went with it.

      If it made you smile, it's more than worth it.


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