Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is  the progress
I've made with my pair of Alices.

I'm just waiting for
low-humidity weather
to seal the paint work.

The wigs have been
dyed yellow
with a kind of
ombre effect.

The hands fit together!
I'm so pleased!

Daydreaming Alice
has her striped stockings.

She also has a big first for me!
I've finally worked out how
to paint the waterline,
the inner edge of the lower eyelid.

Yay me!

They're trying on their drawers,
and they're going to have
little cotton chemises
to wear under their dresses.


  1. You are just amazing! I believe these two are now my all time favorites.. Exquisite work! Their eyes look beautiful, and love the stockings.

    1. Thank you, Penny! Don't you love it when a doll teaches you something new? :)

  2. Yes I do Rhissanna! They are so beautiful!
    Thank you so much for your kind words... Yes, she is teeny!

  3. They are just like a pair of twins: look alike but each has her own character.

  4. RHISSANNA! I JUST SAW YOUR SELFIE! Beautiful girl are you!

    Thank you so much for coming by today; it was very hard to decide to no longer do weekly blog posts, but only twice a month. Like anything else, my writing goals are changing and with that change comes the shifting of time management. But the blog world is more than just posting blogs. To me, it is a community of individuals with whom I share a common bond to create. I love visiting you all and embracing your arts. Your work is stellar, and your Alices are of superior design and quality! Enjoy as we settle into cooler days and imagination! Anita

  5. They are both absolutely stunning! Beautiful work.

  6. Very pretty! You did a wonderful job with the painting. Your skills just keep improving.

  7. ~speechless~speechless~

  8. Such a talent you have ...really so beautiful how you create!

  9. Seemed like you picked up another level in doll making, those Alices look so beautiful, and so real! I really like their hair, and can't wait when you stitch some nice clothing for them!

  10. I am already in love with them. Love all the detail work you are doing on them

  11. This is incredible. I can look at them forever. I bet that each person who gets one of your dolls can feel not just the artistic touch, but the energy of your delight. They are beautifully alive...

  12. As Magaly says, I too could stare at them for hours. Stunning.

    I would love to see them play out a story for a few Halloween hops this year!

  13. Love them!!! The love and energy you put into your dolls are wonderful!

  14. Gloriousier...and Gloriousier your dolls are becoming....
    Teresa in California


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