Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Return of the Calorie Free Chocolate Rabbit

A no-calorie chocolate bunny.
Sugar free.
Fat free.
Cholesterol free

Yes, I know it's not 

actually made of chocolate.
 And, technically,

Maybe I should have said

 'Inedible Chocolate Bunny'? 
But that doesn't sound quite the same.

The bunnies are sporting the very popular
from the wonderful Graphics Fairy.

These are made with
an enlarged version
So, you could make some too.

Or buy them on Etsy, which is easier.

I just made two, originally.
and now I have lots!

The rabbit graphic in the background is

Progress on the
Steampunk Rabbit

Sweet little drawers!

I have hoarded this fabric
with the bunny in a top hat.

Apparently it's discontinued
and I bought the last three yards
left in the shop.

I'm delighted to be able 
to use it for 
Steampunk Rabbit's knickers.

They need finishing.
Gathers around her legs
and some lace.
maybe a bow or two,
or a button.

Why embellished knickers?
because everyone,
looks up the skirt of a rag doll.

Might as well put something there
worth looking at.

Here she is, posing.
Her paintwork is all sealed
and she's ready for her clothes.

Firstly, a pintucked blouse.

Tiny pintucks, huh?
There's a trick to it.

First, make the pintucks,
as small as you can.

Then, wash the piece,
in hot water if it can take it.

Tumble dry.

The fabric shrinks
making tight and teeny little tucks!

This piece is for the front of the blouse.

It's easier to pintuck the fabric
and then cut out the pattern pieces,
than to cut first and then sew.

That's the most helpful hint 
I have with dollmaking.

As far as possible,
Sew then cut.


  1. They are so cute and the glamorous bunny lovely. Thank you for sharing. x

    1. Thank you so much! They were a lot of fun to make.

  2. Mmmmmmmm.....chocolate....bunnies. :)

    1. Eat all you want, Ron. I think they're high-fibre, too.

  3. I've always loved bunnies and now you've given me a reason for loving them even more.
    Your sweet steampunk rabbit is coming along nicely. The bloomer fabric is perfect! It's enough to make me believe in fate.
    Thanks for the tip and for telling me about the looking up the dresses of rag dolls. I see that I have to spend the day making bloomers.

    1. Thank you, and happy to hand out the pintuck tip. I was sure it would be a puckered mess, but with cotton and decent thread, it turned out ok.

      The bloomer fabric with the top hatted bunny was just meant to be, wasn't it? And I got the tip about making fancy knickers from a friend who puts glittery ones on her dolls.

  4. ooooohhhhhhhhhhh...your steampunk bunny is so darling!!!!
    i haven't forgotten your paperdoll bunny!!!...grandkids schoolwork and reports have kept my dining room table filled up.

    1. Thank you. She's been a real treat to make!

      Oh! Schoolwork and reports. You have my sympathy!

  5. Love your "chocolate" bunnies! : ) As I just started watching what I'm eating last week, this is about the only "chocolate" I can have around me.

    1. I hear you! Someone needs to make vegetable, fat free bunnies! trying to lose the ten pounds in weight I got as a Christmas present was the thinking behind these little bunnies!

  6. I love your calorie free bunnies!! So cute!! And, Steampunk Rabbit is so adorable!!! I love her undies ;o) Everything is amazing!!!

    1. Oh! Thank you! I got really lucky with the fabric, I must admit!

  7. Love your darling calorie free chocolate bunnies. Way too cute!! Steampunk rabbit is so cute. You are very creative.
    Thank you for sharing the inspiration.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

    1. Thank you very much! The chocolate bunnies were a lot of fun to make and the Steampunk Rabbit is a dream project for me!

  8. Hi again, I forgot to say, I am a new follower too. Your blog is lovely.

  9. The fabric you are using for her knickers is were lucky getting the end bit as we all know you love bunnies:) Perfect!

    1. I know! I was so thrilled to have just the perfect place to use it. i really wish I'd been able to get more.

  10. Oh! My! Miss Steampunk Rabbit has so many glorious details. Love the pintucks on the blouse and the rabbit fabric for the knickers is so charmingly perfect!
    Can't wait to see her finished!
    warm hugs,
    Teresa in California

    1. Thank you, teresa! There's a lot of Miss R White in this bunny, I was asked to make a black Dutch rabbit for this one, too.

  11. The french chocolate graphic fabric is wonderful, I never have caught on to using the graphic fairies patterns

    love Mr bunny in his top hat fabric, also ,reminds me years ago I had a huge china rabbit all dressed in his finest, velvet jacket etc, sold it in a yard sale !! darn it

    1. That rabbit sounds really sweet. I can see why you'd miss him.

      I love Karen's images over at the Graphics Fairy, I just need to find more ways to use them in my doll making.

  12. Oh I LOVE those bunnies. You do such beautiful work, and that fabric is adorable. Okay, so I never thought about it before, but OMG! It is true that EVERYONE DOES look up the skirt of a ragdoll. lol Thank you so much for sharing such fun creativity. Warmest hugs, Mina


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