Sunday, February 17, 2013

Get in Gear.

First of all...

Mina, over at
had her second Blogiversary
in January, with a giveaway!

I was really thrilled to be
and Mina sent me a parcel
full of all kinds of goodies.

Papery wonders!.
Stickers and postcards!
Laces and trims!

And gears! 


There's a key in there, too.
And a tiny keyhole!

Thank you so much, Mina
for your wonderful selection.
of steampunky goodies!

Which leads me to
 Steampunk Rabbit

This is a quick sketch done with a tablet
(Christmas present from Hubby!
Thank you Hubby!)
so I could try out 
different ideas.

This  is the working drawing
of Steampunk Rabbit.
I use this for all the design work,
adding to it as the doll develops.

It's drawn to scale,
more or less,
which is why there isn't room
for her boots.

Talking of scale,
I ordered some pretty things for 
Steampunk Rabbit
and was so delighted
when they arrived
I just had to share.

See these keys?
Aren't they pretty?.

So ornate and Victorian.
Silvery and curly.
Pierced and delicate.

and really teeny weeny!

I bought a whole bag from EBay.
Now I just want to add them to everything!

I hope you all had a wonderful 
Valentine's Day!.

(This is the rose I bought 


  1. Hi Rhissanna, good morning from Tyne & Wear!
    Lovin the look of your latest bunny and lookin forward to the story unfolding.
    Cute accessories too ^_^

    1. Hi to the North! Thank you for dropping in. Oh, yes I'm havin fun with this bunny.

  2. Love the keys and gears and can't wait to see your steam punk bunny. I've never tried to do anything steam punk but love seeing what others have created and what I've seen of your bunny looks quite promising.

    1. Thank you! Oh, I love steampunk so much, I have a separate blog for it. Making Hubby's Steampunk Study was a way of bringing a bit of gloomy London to Arkansas.

  3. What a beautiful rose for your hubby ;o) Lucky you winning one of Mina's prizes!! I love the keys and your rabbit is looking fantastic!!

    1. Thank you. Oh, yes, Mina's parcel was full of all kinds of treasures and some of the white lace should end up on Steampunk Rabbit, probably on a high-collared blouse.

  4. Ooooh ahhhh....Steampunkery in the works....I can't wait to see how she turns out:)

    1. I know! I know! You can only imahine how excited I am!


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