Sunday, June 25, 2017

Picture heavy...

Here, for the
a humble offering. 

And like all rabbits,
I know I'm late.

host this year's  
Darkly Beautiful Blog Fest.

I am going to fill this full of stuff  for you to look at,
as I know life is short
 and the internet is full of busy thing to watch.
So, there's going to be some pictures
and then a special offer and then I'm done.

So you can scroll through and nod.
Comment maybe.

If you comment on mine, I'll comment on yours.
That's only fair.

I've made some dolls whose hearts have been dark.

Sleeping Vampires

Lucy Westenra




Sang de Rose


Strange Twins

Clover and Petunia

Helena and Hermione


Dark Fairies  

   Dark Lords

 Dark Lord and Heathcliff.
(but don't tell Orlando)

  Dark Alices

Dolls like darkness.

 It suits them.

They like tea, too.
Hence the dark tea sets.

And here's my darkly magical special offer.

I have a new design  of tea set.

And I will make you one, just for you
 for the special price of $19.99.

There will be only three
in total.

(Free shipping in the USA.)

What will it look like?

I don't know.
but it will be dark in theme.

Bleeding Hearts...

I'm the latecomer to the Fest.
But you can
find everyone here at the


  1. What did you name the red queen? She is so beautiful! Love her choker and her dress. I think she should go on a date with the Dark Lord. All the red and black would look fantastic together!

    1. Oooh! Thank you! And I'm so glad you asked! You see...

      I made Roseblood, and she was entirely inspired by your name. Then I had a commission to make an eighteenth century version of Roseblood, which is the doll above in the crown. I called her Sang de Rose, which is terrible French for 'Roseblood'

      The original Roseblood actually lives with Dark Lord (and his Lord Guise leather mask), but he doesn't have eyes for her. He's there for Orlando...

    2. So I added the original Roseblood. And Orlando. And took down the first DL photo because, oops, it's not my photo.


  2. I'm late I'm late! Hahahaha! then you must pour the tea!
    I love my tea set! The first! Now I have a new grand- daughter to play with all her freaky Nana ' s treasures from her beautiful freaky friends! Xo

  3. Good post and some wonderful pictures !!! have a very pleasant day...

  4. Don't feel too special. I was late to the party too. Fashionably late, though. As always, love, love the dolls, and those tea sets are to die for.

  5. I always love looking at your dolls. Dark Alice has my heart <3

  6. I so enjoy spending time with your fabulously freakish creations...truly jealous of your obvious talent. *I may be going back for anther scroll* ;) XXX

  7. You know how much I love your dolls!! I have missed seeing them and you!! Big Hugs!

  8. Your dolls are as beautiful as ever, but those twin dolls are amazing!

  9. Wow..your dolls are amazing, so deeply beautiful and soulful! I love them all, I am totally smitten, such talent! So glad to find your blog.
    I am visiting late from the Beautiful Freaks fest...I love your magical world!

  10. Ok have to confess I am not a great fan of dark dolls but your doll's I love them don't ask me why I just do. They have a certain beauty which appeals to me. Great work keep creating

  11. I always love looking at your dolls. Dark Alice has my heart <3


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