Thursday, July 5, 2012

WIP: Random pictures

Miss R White is completed, but still naked
Here she is,  part-way  through getting her eyes.

All wrapped up in her tasteful coverall, 
ready for paints and pastels.

Her eyes are slowly being built up,
 first in layers of paint,
and then in soft pastels,
each layer sealed before moving onto the next.

When a doll gets their eyes,
something magical happens.
Of course, as Miss Rabbit is a rabbit,
 it's not really possible to see both her eyes at once
without her looking very odd...

The image below will be explained later.

I had a whopper of a setback when I realised 
I'd planned a black and yellow outfit
and didn't have any black cotton fabric!

I know! 

Fortunately, my fabulous Mother in Law
(The woman who acquainted me with the expression
Whoever dies with the most fabric
had just the perfect piece in her stash.

So thank you and well done, Kay
for saving the day!


  1. Your right the eyes change how a doll looks. All your doll eyes are beautiful and so well done.


    1. I've had such fun making this bunny, Dee. Painting the eyes was one of the best bits! Thank you for coming over and seeing how the bunny is doing.

  2. So much work and so adorable. Can't wait to see him dressed !

    1. Thank you so much! So far, bunny had a pair of pantaloons, with tucks. I can't wait either. I'm hoping to get the rest of the clothes finished on Saturday. I have a deadline!

  3. Oh Risshanna, she is really coming along! Beautiful job on her eyes.. I am looking forward to seeing her in completion. Great work!
    Thank you so much for visiting, your kind words and entering my little giveaway..

    1. Such a sweet giveaway! That little bed is just so lovely, with the painted roses.

  4. She is Beautiful! I am so surprised Miss Rabbit is black and white, I just knew she was white :) I am so silly. Her eyes are so soulful and kind.
    Lucky you with a MIL who has a fabric stash, I think a black and yellow frock are perfect.


    P.S. I am back and trying to plan a wedding.

    1. Good luck with the Wedding! You'll be busy!

      Thank you for your sweet comment about Miss White. She was a white bunny, what with the paperclay and all, but I wanted to make her into a Dutch bunny. They always look so neat and pretty.

  5. Miss R White is a beauty!! you are so right about the eyes. She looks very happy with the love and care you have taken in
    bringing her "to life" !!
    a happy weekend to you!

    1. Thank you very much, Ann. Yes, I'm hoping to spend the weekend fussing with laces and ribbons and making her all pretty and dressed up.

  6. Oh my dear, dear, Rabbit....I have just spend a good long while here catching up and reading about the inception of your wonderful Miss R White....She is positively, absolutely, AMAZING!!! And I am in complete awe over the time and detail that has gone into bringing her to life. I adore those little shoes!! Will Miss R White have some like those? Can you make me some? (Never mind - you'll never find gloves large enough....) I am glad you opted for black legging for her....I liked the quirkiness of the striped blue, but they seemed just a wee bit "racey" for R...(may I call her that???) ;o) You have an incredible imagination - and an even more incredible talent....Can't wait to see how this tale turns out.....And then there's Alice....Oh, this is going to be very, very, good!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Thank you for coming over and being so sweet, Miss Crow. That was very nice of you to read the whole tale from the beginning to here. Yes, those are her shoes; they just need a strap and a button. If I ever find gloves big enough, I promise I'll make you a pair!

      The striped leggings were a problem, but as the Alice doll has them, I was happy to give Miss R legs in her proper colour (black with white tips to her toes).

      As for the Alice doll..hah! That is the subject of tomorrow's post. I swear, it's the creepiest-looking little doll I've ever made...

  7. RHISSHANA DARLIN'!!!! Hey, what did you ever decide to do about bunnie's legs? Did you re-do the stripes?

    LOVE HER!! AND...yes, BELUGA WHALES blow rings!!!!!!teeeheee....aren't sea creatures amusing?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to the deep with me. Enjoy your journey my dear! Anita

    1. Hi there, Anita. Yes, I painted her legs the colour a Dutch bunny's legs would be. Black, with white tippy toes. She looks all of a piece, now and I'm dallying with the idea of sewing her some Wonderland striped stockings. Thank you so much for asking, and for dropping by.


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