Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No longer a Work in Progress

 Miss R White is complete!
She has her clothes, all sewn and trimmed.
She has her Alice doll, all painted and dressed.

And I'd would like to say a 
heartfelt thank you to everyone
who travelled with me on this journey,
offering help and kindness.

This really wouldn't have been possible
without your encouragement and support.

Every one of you who came by for a look,
and every single dear person who left comments, 
thank you , thank you.

Without you here, holding my hand
and telling me everything was ok,
I'd probably not have tried such an ambitious project.

What did I learn?

 Well, painting and sanding cloth 
was a revelation.
 You really must try it.

And I'm not scared of sewing knit fabrics any more.
My dolls can have stockings.

I was able to stick to a design and follow it through.
The black and yellow colour scheme
was an interesting challenge,
and the only other colour, blue, 
was picked up in the stockings and the Alice doll.

What didn't work?

Remember this image?

I printed it out on white fabric.
The letters were so crisp and clear

If you want the font
it's available here.
It's free, it's called Chanticleer
and it's inspired by
the seminal sculptor
Eric Gill.
Thank you to
Yer Ever Luvin' Uncle Bert
for finding it 
The graphics, of course,
Came from the Graphics Fairy.

The idea was to sew it, 
on the front of the apron.
I spent all day, trying to make aprons that 
would work with the image.
It ever happened. 
Everything I tried looked really tatty.

So, I abandoned the idea and made a different pinny

and prettied it up with tucks, lace, 
yellow buttons and bows
and cross-over straps on the back. 

So, Miss R White is finished,
with a week to spare before the fair.
And I had such fun, thanks to all of you,
that I'm going off to finish some of the DIP
(Dolls in Progress)
that I have lying around.

Thank you all so much.
You're all wonderful people and I owe you all a lot.
Miss R White says 'thank you', too.

To see this from the beginning,
look here.


  1. Eeeeee it's long passed me bedtime but I had to drop in to take a peek !
    Miss R White is gorgeous - perfectly prim in her pretty pinny, she looks like a little heirloom.

    1. Dear me yes, it's past your bed time! And I'm glad to have someone who knows what a pinny is.
      Thank you so much. An heirloom is very high praise indeed. I'm blushing.

      Ga'an canny.

  2. She turned out beautifully. You obviously worked on her with the utmost care and respect because she looks like one proud little lady. I love everything about her. She is absolutely stunning from pointy ear to well dressed shoe.

    1. That's so sweet of you, Amy! Thank you so much for coming along with me as I made this doll. Your comments were very helpful and encouraging. I feel I owe Miss White to everyone who came and supported me.

  3. Wonderful!!!! Really lovely. I love her little sweet. The way she is sitting in the last picture reminds of the pose in the painting "Whistler's Mother".

    1. Heh! I know. I couldn't resist posting the Whistler's Mother photo!

      Thank you so much, Mary. Your support has really meant a lot!

  4. Miss R White is just the cutest!!! I love all the detail you put into making her so sweet and extra special.


    1. From one rabbit lover to another, that means a lot. Thank you, Dee! I'm really glad you like her!

  5. Miss R White is absolutely, and unequivocally, GORGEOUS!!! You have done an amazing job with her - and truly brought her to wonderful life somehow for those of us following along on her journey (although, Alice, as sweet as she is, is still just a "doll," right?) ;o Incredible artistry my friend....and I do prefer her pinafore to the lettered apron methinks.....the latter may have been too busy..... I hope this will not be the last we see of this delightful pair.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Thank you so very much, Miss Crow. It's been really wonderful, having you along and I really felt like I wasn't doing this alone. Yes, Alice is just a doll and you're my kind of Miss Crow for knowing the difference!

      You're quite right about the apron. It was too much and it swamped her. Maybe for another doll, but not her. I enjoyed this so much I want to try more. A Bessie doll, based on my dog, maybe, or a Bottom, from Midsummer Night's dream...


  6. Well what can I say except that Miss R White is FANTASTIC!
    I am in total awe here! All your hard work REALLY paid of Rhissanna.. What a beautiful pair they make... Thank you so much for sharing your WIP... I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this.

    1. Penny, thank you! I'm so glad you like her. This has been the best way to make a doll, ever. Your encouragement and everyone who came along for the journey, made this wonderful experience for me. Your kindness and support meant such a lot and I'd like to say a really big 'thank you' from me and Miss R. Thank you!

  7. I have followed all your work. The bunny doll is really amazing!!! A really beautiful work!

    1. Thank you so much! That's really sweet of you. I'm glad you like my bunny. She really was a lot of fun to make!

  8. Your bunny doll is beautiful. I love all the details you added to her.

    1. Thank you, Shashi. Miss R White was a joy to make and I really had a lot of fun making her come to life. In fact, I might make another.

  9. Your bunny doll is beautiful. I love all the details you added to her.

  10. I am in love with Miss R White, what a beautiful job you did.


    1. I'm so glad you like her, Victoria! She was so much fun to make and the comments and support I've had from all of you helped me to make her. Thank you for dropping by!

  11. Oh Rhissanna, I just had to stop in again and look at Miss R. White and Alice again... can you hear me clapping?
    Beautiful work!!

  12. She is really really wonderful! And little Alice, too! You did such an amazing job on these two!

    1. Thank you so much, Simon. And thank you for coming here and being so supportive and positive. It really did made a difference to the way I worked and how much I got done. Thank you.

  13. Your bunny is adorable! Great work! I'm so glad I found your blog today! xo Jennifer

    1. Welcome Jennifer, and I'm so glad you like her!

  14. I love your bunny in yellow and black! A fabulous combination! And Alice is adorable! Wow, what a lot of work to accomplish such a detailed darling bunny.
    Oh, and my goodness, the fairy baby is so adorable along with the tiny bed that you won! How grand!
    Teresa in California

    1. Thank you, Teresa. It wasn't until I looked back at all the posts I realised how much I'd done in order to get here with Miss White completed. But it's thanks to you and people like you who helped and encouraged me all the way through. Thank you for your support!

      Yes, isn't the little fairy in her bed gorgeous? I was thrilled to win it!

  15. Bet your proud now you've finished her -she's absolutly gorgeous.You have put a huge amount of work into making her and shes so unusual.Sitting there in her little chair looking so comfy!!!!!

    1. I think the thing that surprised me most is that she came close to the original drawing, and close to how I'd originally seen her. That's never happened to me before. Might never happen again! But having made her, and loved (almost!) every minute of it, I'll have to try and make another. Thank you for dropping by, Patricia.


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