Saturday, July 7, 2012

WIP: Crime Scene

I don't know how else to describe this.
Bodies everywhere. 
Dismembered limbs
A row of heads...

Miss R White is now sewn, stuffed, painted 
(sanded, painted, sanded, painted etc)
sprayed and sealed.
She's lying at an awkward angle in these pictures 
so that the matte sealant
 (varnish, lacquer? What should I call it?)
can dry nice and smooth.

I need to take some portrait photos of her face, 
now that she's all done.
And of her clothes. 
So far, she has a cute pair of pantaloons,
with tucks!
Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you
the creepiest doll face I have ever made.

That's as close as I dare go.

This is Alice.

Alice is proving to be an interesting problem.
Originally, I made a very realistic doll head.
It was very sweet, but the total effect was rather disturbing.
Instead of a shy little girl rabbit and her dolly,
it looked as though a fifty foot tall bunny, 
with anxiety issues,
had taken a human child as hostage...

All attempts to make a doll
 that looks like a doll 
and not a person
have resulted in varying stages of creepiness.

I've decided to embrace the creepy.
After all,  kids sometimes love 
the weirdest-looking dolls.

To see Miss R White's story from the beginning,
start here.

To see the next exciting episode
go here!


  1. I never realized so much work went into making dolls. You do beautiful work!

    1. I'm having such fun with this one, Sherry. I'm trying a new technique with painting the fabric and then sanding it, and I love the results so much I may never go back to plain old cloth! Thank you for popping in and saying hi!

  2. Ah, yes, I can't count the number of times the doll I had envisioned turned into something totally different so I finally gave in and let them to speak to me and tell me what they wanted to be!

    Ahhhh, I remember the days of having body parts strewn about on my worktable . . . I wonder, will I ever get my doll muse back. When reading a post like yours I get the "feeling" but then it vanishes as quickly as it came :(


    1. Do it! Dooo eeeet! You've taken lovely vignettes of the estate sale goodies you've bought, think how they'd look with a simple Prim dolly sat on them. With a crooked smile and buttons for eyes. Go on, make one. You know you want to!

  3. Dear Rabbit - you have succeeded - in some very strange way - in capturing what I think is the essence of an "Alice." Almost disturbing it is....But I LOVE it! And what a delightful place your crime! Can I come over and play? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Of course! I'll go and put the kettle on! (Clean cup! Move down!)


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