Sunday, July 8, 2012

WIP: Tale of a Tail.

Reference from Kium on DA

Remember I told you bunnies looks funny 
when seen from the front?
This is Miss R White, pink twitchy nose and all.

Right eye.

Left eye.

She's all painted and blushed,
with a pink nose and pink inner ears, 
but there's one important bunny feature 
that seems to be missing.

The tail!

That looks a little cheeky, right?

The tail has a pipe-cleaner folded into it, 
so that it has some support
and (hopefully) can poke through her dress.

Here she is in her tucked pantaloons.
There's a gap at the back for her tail.

Her dress is cut out and already for sewing.
We're so excited!

Well, maybe it's just me.

I'm so excited!

Let me show you Mr Dillow.
He (she?) has been a common visitor 
to our garden for years.

I love him!

Not least because, back in the UK,
we only see these things on nature programmes;
 to have one wandering around my garden
 is just wonderful.

Mostly he's a dawn or dusk visitor, but yesterday
we finally had some rain and he was out in daylight
poking about  busily  in the grass
just off the deck.

Mr Dillow.

Isn't he CUTE!

I wonder how long it takes him to
strap all that armour on, every morning?

For more, see here.

To see Miss R White from the beginning
see here.


  1. She's looking very sweet. I love how you have painted her nose and ears:)

    Imagine having an armadillo in your backyard!!! Good grief....LOL

    1. I know! Isn't it amazing? They're very common over here, but every time I see one, I get a thrill!

      The nose and ears I saved, as a treat to myself. After the under-painting was done, I fluffed on pastel chalks for the pink colour. It was like putting on make up!

  2. Oh my goodness....I didn't think it possible, but Miss R White is getting more amazing each and every day!! Those eyes! That tail! Those pantaloons!!! Hurry up you!! I can't wait to see her in her finery....(She looks like she impatiently waiting for the whir of the sewing machine as she sits in that chair....too sweet!)

    And an armadillo - in your yard? Really?? I've only seen them at zoos. Yikes!! (Are they friendly sorts?)

    Smiles & Sunday Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Dear me, yes. Mr Dillow is a sweetheart and eats all my ants. He's never scared when people come out, and isn't too bothered by the silly dog barking. Once I saw him talking (yes, really, talking! I wish I had film of it) to a rabbit.

      Thank you so much, Miss Crow, for your comments. I'd better get back to the sewing machine. You can see how patient she's being. Not!

  3. Oh Rhissanna, she is loking just WONDERFUL! Love her tail. I think she looks great from the front...
    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday

    1. Thank you so much! That front view just makes me grin every time I see it. She's all nose and ears, but you'd expect that from a rabbit, right?

  4. That little bunny of yours is so beautiful and lifelike. You are incredibly talented.

    And, I can't believe you have an armadillo visitor. You must attract all sorts of wildlife, maybe he hopes to be your next doll :)

    1. We get some unwelcome wildlife, (I don't mind spiders, but not ones that bite) but mostly it's wonderful creatures. Lots of bunnies, of course, a woodchuck called Ray Winston (long story...)the deer. But Mr Dillow is my favourite!

      I'm so glad you like Miss R White. She has to be finished today, the fair is tomorrow!

  5. What a sweet bunny. She looks adorable sitting there rocking away:-)

    1. I love my doll chairs. I'm always on the look out for more. She does look very comfy, doesn't she?

  6. Miss R white is fantabulous!!! i can see why you are so excited!!
    my sister lived in Texas..she had armadillos under her house..she said they were mean animals. i think your armadillo looks so cute!! i think they are very interesting animals!

    1. Hopefully, today, I'll get her all finished in time to take some photos. It's been a lot of fun making her and I'm really grateful to you and everyone for their support and encouragement.

      Are they mean? I know when they get scared, they leap upwards into the air and hiss, which apparently looks pretty frightening. One scared my father-in-law (and he's a man not afraid of anything at all). Scared him so much he jumped onto the hood of his truck...

  7. Good morning Rhissanna,
    You are the winner of my summer giveaway.
    Please check your email, there is a request for your address.
    Thank you so much for entering, this was such fun. Enjoy your day!

    1. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my GOSH! *Is running with scissors* Thank you so much! That gorgeous little fairy bed and the wee little fae! I'm so thrilled! Thank you, thank you!

  8. are GOOD my dear! I see you opted to give her black legs...BEAUTIFUL! And CONGRATULATIONS for winning Penny's darling little fairy and bed!!! She is the most wonderful artist and her pieces have a bit of her heart on them...I met Penny and she is just as ravishing and kind as her art.

    ENJOY! Anita

    1. Thank you so much, Anita and yes, I am delighted to have won this giveaway! The wee little bed and its little occupant are just so sweet and you're right, made with love and care straight from the heart.

      As for the painted legs, I made her proper little striped stockings. They fit! I don't know who' more surprised, Me or Miss White!

  9. We see lots of dead armadillos in Texas. Their fear reaction is to jump straight up in the air, so they usually fail when they meet vehicles on the road.

    1. Oh yes. It's tragic that their response to s predator is just an epic fail when faces with a Dodge pick up. When I first came to the USA Hubby used to insist the armadillos by the side of the road were asleep, because I was so upset that they might know...dead. You have to understand that to a person from the UK, an armadillo is as exotic and fabulous as a unicorn.


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