Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work In Progress

I'll try and pop up little snippets of what I'm doing,
with pictures.

This is part of a sketch for my 
 'Miss Rabbit with her Alice doll.'
I'm sorry this is a such a crummy photograph.
I have a scanner, but it's still in the box.

I'm not a Luddite, 
just idle...

This is my main working sketch. 
The doll should be the size of the original drawing, 
about 16 anna half inches.

The body of the doll is drawn first
and then any underwear
and then some preliminary ideas for a dress
and an apron with a pocket big enough
 to hold the Alice doll.

These are all sketched on top of each other, 
on the original drawing.
So, as art, it's a mess
but it helps me to see the whole design.

A working drawing, as it will do a lot of work.
Any new ideas will be recorded here
so I can keep track of what I'm doing.
Already it's clear Miss Rabbit will need at least one bent arm,
 so she can cradle her doll,
 and I might keep her head turned to the side,
to make her look more animated
(that, and rabbit heads look really odd from the front).

The head will be either paper clay over cloth 
or over polystyrene(styrofoam).
The ears will be cloth and then stiffened with paper clay.
As the head and ears will be painted
I'm considering painting the hands and feet
(or paws?).
and then sanding them for a softer texture.
I have a fluffy Christmas stocking I bought for
10 cents and the white fur is just perfect for a tail.

I have a question,
oh, Gentle readers.
Does the bunny tail show through the dress,
 or just through the bloomers?

I welcome your advice.

Part 2 is here.


  1. Hi Rhissanna
    Oh this is going to be MAGICAL! I too make sketches, it helps having a visual for your creations... Much better to make changes on paper rather than your sculpt.. The tail, hmmmm.. Well, I think that is up to the individual artist, but if it were me I would have her tail showing just through the bloomers.
    You might want to just set it in when you are ready and see what you think.. It may look better coming through the dress.. Well, I was of no help.. teee. I can't wait to see it.

    1. Thank you!

      I think it will have to be a judgement call when I have the dress done (and hopefully before I sew the back seam....)Maybe I'll put it up here for a vote? Sometimes I make the changes on the doll, and then go back and alter the drawing, just so I know what I've done. Isn't the creative process weird? I suspect it shows our true personality.

  2. I make drawings too but what I make never looks like them at all:) The bunny tail must show out of the dress...what's the point of a fluffy bunny tail if you can't see it. Sheesh.

    1. lol! Me too! This sketch will make no resemblance to the actual final doll, no matter how many times I use it as reference. I can see people are going to be divided by the tail issue. Yes, what's the point of a bunny doll, if there's no visible bunny tail? On the other hand, doesn't everyone turn a rag doll upside sown to see the knickers? You can see my dilemma...

  3. You are so creative I am so excited to see your finished treasure!!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

    1. Oh, you are sweet! Thank you. It's the excitement about how its going to look that keep me going. Every doll is a surprise!

      So, the bunny tail? Under the skirt or sticking through?

  4. I need to make drawings of doll clothes more often so I can save them for later, when I am lacking of ideas. You draw very well! On the tail, I would refer to what Beatrix Potter does. But I think her rabbits just wear aprons. But actually, I think that if the dress is gathered well in the back it would be difficult to make the tail stick out without being huge.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I find it easier to remember ideas for dolls if I sketch them, rather than write notes.

      That's partly what's bothering me, the shape of her skirt. I know a rabbit's tail is not a ball, but more like a short deer tail, so maybe if I make it realistic, it will be long enough to show through. I'd like to show the tail without everyone looking up her dress!

  5. Dear Rhissanna
    How very sweet of you to visit Bebe in Holland and leave me such a sweet note... Thank you so much.
    I am really looking forward to seeing this creation of yours in completion.. I see the tail issue is divided.. That's what makes the world go round. I know what ever you decide to do it will be wonderful.

    1. It's fascinating how divisive it's been! I think it will come down to her dress. If I want the tail to show, the skirt will have to be designed to accommodate it. Does Bebe show her tail?

  6. It will be fabulous when finished because your sketch is adorable. I never really thought about the tail being in or out, but it would be so cute to have it showing. Thanks so much for visiting with me and for your nice comment.

    1. I think you're right. If I can get the tail to show, I'll do it. And I'm really grateful to you and everyone for letting me know what you think


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