Friday, June 8, 2012


I haven't forgotten you, or the blog. 
I've been busy.

June always seems to be the dollmaking season for me. 
 Here is the window in the kitchen
where I get the best light for making stuff. 
It's close to the kettle, too. 
Can't make dolls without tea. 
Can't do anything without tea, actually,
it's part of being British.
As you can see, there's some assorted heads, some limbs,
a bag of reject paperclay being softened.
Heads and limbs!
All rather gristly.

So, to take your mind off that, 
here is a pretty picture of some flowers.

I had friends over for dinner to celebrate the 
Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
(We had Coronation Chicken, of course)
I just happened to find 
red, white and blue flowers for the table. 
I was so pleased I took a pic!


  1. Oh! What fun it looks like you are having in making dolls! I must confess, I have not sent my goodies out yet for Alienore's Birthday Party celebration! (I don't think Patricia has posted who won one of her dolls yet either as she went to Paris for two weeks!) Anyway, I was actually looking for some wool roving in my huge stash of doll making supplies and found it in a place I would not have expected to find it...but it was serendipity none the less...I happened to be looking for something else! Isn't that the way it usually is, but perfect timing. So, I will be mailing the doll goodies out on Tuesday, June 12th.
    Have a very lovely weekend!
    Teresa in California

    1. Oooh! Thank you, Teresa! You know, I haven't posted mine either(Sorry, Sherry!) because I put aside the lace in a 'special place' and couldn't find it...
      I have it now, though, so it will go out on Tuesday.

      Oh. Paris for 2 weeks. In June. How LOVELY! I hope Patricia posts lots of pictures!

  2. So very nice to meet you Rhissanna!
    How wonderful to meet up while touring Anita's Paris party.
    Your blog is just beautiful and what a wonderful artist you are. I am a new follower and hope to visit again soon to see more of your work.
    Thank you so much for visiting Bebe and your kind words.

    1. Thank you so much, what a sweet thing to write. Every new follower is a thrill and you're very welcome. I'm glad you like my blog and yes, I'll be back to see Bebe and more.

  3. To think that grissly lot will become a beautiful creation. I admire your dolls...they are quite are so talented!


    1. Oh! Thank you! Yes, I have to admit, the doll parts look a bit depressing before they're assembled. I'm so pleased you like my dolls.

  4. You're such an unbelievable artist! It's amazing how you create these dolls from scratch! Really amazing!

  5. I can't make anything without tea, either (thanks to my British grandmother)!! I love that you are a doll maker. That's just so cool. Yes! They are lovely!! :)

    1. *pours out some hot tea* I love your hen! SUCH a personality!

  6. Can't wait to see the new dolls, you always do such amazing work.
    Raise a cup, "To the Queen!"

  7. I think it's rabbit season too! Thanks so much for the beautiful leopard Rabbit.

    I just posted it on my blog :)


    1. I'm thrilled it got there and thank you so much for the feature on your blog! She looks very happy on that lampshade and you wrote such sweet things!

  8. I love seeing the doll parts! It is interesting to see something in pieces before it comes together. The leopard rabbit you made for Dee is absolutely adorable!!!

    1. I'm glad you like her. The pattern is up there on the right of the blog and it's very easy. I love to make them and just hand them out!

      Yes, doll parts never look like the final doll. The end result is always a surprise, which is partly why I love doll making.

  9. Hi Rhissanna
    I just wanted to pop by and say hello as i dont get enough chances to do so. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog too.
    Hey i dont find it gruesome, i love it and find it fascinating. Oh and I am the same with my cuppa tea hehe.
    hugs June x

    1. Thank you, June. for popping over and saying such sweet things. I know you have your hands full right now. Wish I could pour you out a nice cup of tea.

      Hugs and take best care of yourself, ok?

  10. I bet your new dolls will be amazing! Can't wait to see them! Also love the "Coronation Chicken" sounds delicious! God Bless the Queen!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping (and hoping) for some less humid weather so I can seal the paint.

      'Coronation Chicken' is delicious. I take no credit, it's shockingly easy to make *winks* It's my potluck/family reunion/Summer party go-to recipe.


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