Saturday, June 16, 2012

Posies in Purple. Cherie and Valentin

My sweet and lovely sister-in-law, 
Cherie, married her 
handsome beau, Valentin,

 I arranged the flowers and made a Money Tree for her.

(I love doing that kind of stuff!
If I wasn't making dolls, 
I'd work in a flower shop.)

I had some photos of the couple 
that just right for making silhouettes, 
and I coloured the design purple,
because that's always been Cherie's
 favourite colour.

(Does your family have favourite colours
 for each member?
I can highly recommend it.
It comes in very useful for gifts and Christmas,
birthday balloons and all kinds of things.
Mine's red. 
Should you ever need to know...)

The lady who was to be the Matron of Honour
(that's a Maid of Honor over here, right?)
couldn't make it, 
so I was asked to stand in.
I was thrilled!
I got to hold the 
posy of flowers I'd made!

Cherie and Valentin!

*wipes eyes*

Later this afternoon, 
a tea-dying tutorial!
With photos!

(Yes, I know the Internet needs another 
tea-dying tutorial
like it needs more advertising.)



  1. Oh! I would love another tea dying tutorial. I never have used coffee to dye things. Oh, and I left you an email requesting colors for the doll making supplies you won in my Alienore's Birthday celebration. (I have been sooo busy, I am finally going to be sending off the goodies this next week). Just drop me an email. It sounds like you have been busy too with your sister-in-laws wedding. My oldest son got married in April and his bride's favorite color is purple too!
    Teresa in California

    1. I really will have to try coffee. On cloth, that is. Tutorial is posted and thank you so much for mentioning the email! I'v been in such a tizzy over the wedding I simply didn't see it in my email box. Thank you, thank you.

      As for purple, yes, it's a wonderful colour and I love it too, but I spent all day looking for purple roses, in full knowledge of the fact I'd never seen any.


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