Saturday, June 2, 2012

Announcing the WINNER!

Well, this was all very exciting for me
and if it was up to me
I'd send you all a bunny.

(I might do that, 
once I've made some more bunnies.)

There seems to be a number of ways to decide the winner of a giveaway.
I wrote down the names of everyone who entered .
Gave each of you a number.
Randomised the list.
Then got a random number for that list.
 (How random)

Random number 14 is


 So, Sherry wins the giveaway and I'll be sending her 
an e-mail shortly.
 Sherry's blog is here.
She does amazing paint finishes on
glass that look like ancient ceramics. I love them
You should also see her willow tree design on her wall.

To everyone else,
thank you all so much for taking part,
and for making blogging such a fun 
and entertaining distraction.
You're all stars to me.

This has been an exciting adventure
and I hope to do this again!

Thank you, thank you!


  1. congratulations Sherry!!!!! :)

  2. Congratulations to lucky Sherry! Thank you so very much for hostessing such a fun giveaway! Happy June - and, again, happy blogiversary!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Well, congratulations to Sherry! And guess what? You should stop by my blog, so that I can congratulate you, too. You've won a copy of AlmaMia Cienfuegos!

  4. Such a cute bunny! Sherry is very lucky!

    1. I hope it gets there ok. I sneaked in a doll, too but hush, that's a secret! I'll post the photos after I'm sure its arrived safe with Sherry.


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