Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIP and a Wonderful Day!

We break our normal services for a 
News Flash!
As  part of the celebrations for Alienore's 3rd birthday
I entered a giveaway on Teresa's wonderful blog
and I was one of the lucky names picked out of the hat!

Today, I received a parcel in the post!

Aren't they the most exciting things?

Don't you love getting them?
I do!

(And, at this point, the batteries in my camera died
and I had to recharge them 
but pretend this happens all in one go. )

I opened it up and inside I found
wonderful things!

Will you just look at all this goodness?

There was more than I could fit into one photograph,
so let me just list for you some of the goodies 
Teresa very kindly sent me.
Some lovely pieces of fabric;
 from a crisp white fat quarter
to a rectangle of deep, soft rayon velvet.
Pretty cotton prints and tulles 
and weaves in blues and greens and
(my favourite) reds.

Here is Miss Rabbit modelling a piece of white broderie anglais for you.
That's 'eyelet' for our American cousins.

There was a bag of delicious coloured scraps, 
big enough for a bunny or three.
There was a bag of ribbons and braid and 
simply wonderful lace, 
in ecru and grey-blue and white.
There was a hank of soft black wool roving.
There were two strings threaded with 
glossy wooden beads, for doll joints.
In fact, all kinds of things to gladden a dollmaker's heart 
and I was thrilled with every single thing.

Thank you, thank you, Teresa!
Pop in over to her blog and say Rhissanna sent you.
Teresa always has something wonderful going on.
She also has a pretty amazing doll collection. 

As for Miss R White,
(and you can see the start of this
work-in-progress here)
I stopped pouting about not having any paint,
and drew on a temporary bunny face with my box of crayons.

Then I got out a body that I thought might fit her.
(You do have a pile of odd bodies 
lying around in your house, don't you?)

I like the flat feet and I think I like the arms,
but the torso is too long and too wide,
so I need to work on that.

Oh, and she'd like some clothes. 

See that bulky square breastplate?
See it disappear, here.


  1. Congratulations on winning all those great items.

    Miss R White is so cute even without her new clothes.


    1. Thank you, Dee! It's a rabbit thing, right? And yes, for a dollmaker, this was Christmas come early!

  2. Lucky you! Congrats on the win :) As for rabbit--I just love her. She looks so demure... especially in light of not having any clothes at the moment ;)

    1. Thank you! I really ought to give her some bloomers and a petticoat, at least.

  3. Rhissanna, so many goodies to play with! Congrats on your win, I'm sure it feels almost like Christmas. If I had a long lean torso like Rabbit I wouldn't bother to wear clothes neither! ;-)

    1. Lol, Sherry! Me too! Thanks for making me grin!


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