Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I won this book

A long time ago in a country far, far away, (England, to be exact,) I was just starting out and I had two cookery books, 'The Pauper's Cookbook' and 'Cooking in a Bedsitter'. They were perfect, for my student poverty and my greedy appetite and neither of them are available now. Cue Sadface :(  

 But now I have a replacement!  I entered a giveaway on Beverly's Back Porch   for cookery e-book  called 
Tight Budget, Tiny Kitchen, and No Time: How to Eat Well in Your First Apartment  

And I won! Yes! So, a  HUGE thank you to Beverly and to Angie Ballard, over at The Jammie Girl for writing it

Angie's book is not just a cookery book, It's a shopping guide and a lifestyle guide and it's full of warm, sensible advice, presented in a palatable way. It makes penny-pinching into a kind of adventure, where you can play the game and win, keeping the wolf from the door with simple, tasty, heartwarming recipes. 

If you're a new couple, or a student, or a change in your life means you're counting your change, you'd do well to buy this book. If your bunnies are leaving for college, this would be a thoughtful gift, along with a stock pot and some basil seeds.


  1. Hello and thanks for joining in the fun.
    Good Luck in the give-away.

  2. Congratulations, Rhissanna!!!!!
    i'll bet you were surprised.
    My first month hosting over at PPS, I won a Giveaway from Mod Podge Rocks--and boy, was I flabbergasted! You could have knocked me over with a feather!
    Cheers, my dear!

  3. Congrats Rhissanna, you deserve something special :)
    Hugs from far away ... here in England :)x

  4. Congratulations.....always lovely winning something. It sounds like a very good book:)

  5. *Gulping*
    Ya gotta go see what June's been up to at Dezinaworld.
    It's melting me down to my insteps.
    Really, she shouldn't have.......

  6. Oh! I saw! It's gorgeous! We need to have a Masquerade!


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