Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sneak Peak

Marie says 'Hi!'


  1. Well, Hello Missy Marie...And don't you look Maaavelous!!! ;o)

  2. I had to come over again Marie and say How on Earth did you come to decorate a skeleton? Surprisingly, it looks absolutely gorgeous!!!! Funny....a parable of life! Even our (good) BAD AND UGLY can be beautiful! You've proved that and I LOVE IT! xox Samara

  3. Isn't this one a splendid example of what you can do with some bling and a new up 'do?
    The improvements to her disposition must be tremendously refreshing!
    A girl just can't go for too long without a fresh, exciting new look for her coiffure, don't you think?
    You really have a talent for working small and making it look real, my dear Rabbit!
    Admiringly yours

  4. P.S. Did you check your chat window at all yet?


Thank you all for the wonderful and supportive things you say! I'm thrilled to read them and I reply to each one.