Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dollmaker on Thursday

Hannie Sarris was a Dutch dollmaker, who made ethereal, serene dolls from air dry clay.

 Her website tutorials introduced me to paperclay and its use for dollmaking.

She developed paperclays and paints for dollmakers to use and her sweet  influence can be seen in the work of others. She gave classes, published books and  most wonderful of all, posted free tutorials on her website.

Hannie died last year, after a long fight with cancer, and she is sorely missed by the dolmaking community. I'll let her creations speak for themselves.


  1. That last shot is so lifelike it's almost creepy. Beautiful work.

  2. These are breath-takingly lovely.
    I am in awe of such artistry.
    I'd not known of her work before, altho' I may have read about it briefly somewhere, in passing.
    I have a certain interest in the doll arts, having at one point designed costumes as a sideline, and find it fascinating how each dollmaker finds time to take each detail seriously. I consider these works of hers fine art grade, on a par with the likes of Lisa Lichtenfels, whose work I've admired for well over ten years.
    What amazing talent some people have!
    Thank You for sharing the marvelous work of so fine an artist. Too bad she cannot be with us here today to share her thoughts in response to our admiring her oeuvre. I'm sure she'd be delighted to see you praise her with such delicacy.

  3. Wow, they are amazingly beautiful!!!

  4. These dolls are lovely- the faces so beautiful. Clearly she left her mark and influence on you and other doll makers.


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