Friday, October 14, 2011

Skeleton Fairies: Tutorial

There is an updated tutorial
on my Steampunk blog

Yes, I know this is a creepy photograph, Skeleton in a poke bonnet peers at some sort of device...

I saw these wonderful, wonderful beauty queen skeletons at Pinkbuttercreme's

at the end of September and featured them here because I was so smitten with them. 
I wanted to make my own, to hang on my Halloween tree.
 I wanted them to look like they were flying, rather than dangling, s
o I needed a way to bend them and have them retain a pose.

So, I've been boiling bones *cue maniacal laughter*.

 I'd read about these technique for shaping Barbie hands into a more naturalistic pose. 
For the life of me, I can't remember where I read it, 
so if someone has seen such a tutorial please let me know?
So, to bend a skeleton,  
you need a bowl of very hot water, 
and another bowl of ice cold water.

And you need to be sensible.
 Hot water will scald and burn. 
Use tweezers, haemostats, tongs, to keep
 precious fingertips out of  very hot water.

Bend the skelly arm or leg or spine and immerse into the hot water. 
Hold it  a moment and then, PLUNGE it into the icy cold water. 
It seems to be the sudden chilling that helps the plastic hold its new shape. 
The skeletons dismember pretty easily, which means you can attend to each set of limbs separately. 
 Wearing dark robes and having a servant called Igor are not necessary,
 but if it helps you get into the mood, fine by me.

 The skelly can hold any pose you want, within reason, 
although I couldn't get the fingers to stay curled or the arm to move out from the shoulder. 
Once the skelly is posed how you wish, you can embellish it to your heart's content. 

This is my first,  Mother Crow.

Here she is with her friend, Cuthbert.

And I'd have more to show but my glue gun broke! What's a girl to do?


  1. Super Glue?
    Love both figures!!! The skellies are fantastic!! Pure genius!!!
    What do you charge for custom work?
    And do you do 18th century styles? Could be a gift, if you could swing it for me.
    I'd gladly trade, even.
    It's a matter of "the utmost moment" to go Holmesian on you.
    Ciao for now!
    *cackles maniacally*

  2. 18th Century? Like...A skelly in 'The Swing'? I think I have some pink satin, somewhere.

    Seriously, Marie Antoinette skelly? I could do that. Or are you thinking more Katrina Van Tassel?

  3. Those are too funny Rhissanna!!! Love them. You did a great bending job!!
    xo Tami

  4. Purple, if you've got any, as that's the colorway of her tree.
    And Marie--by all means, make it Marie!!!


    For reals?

  5. Sorry--but, how soon do you think you could get to it? And how much would it run me?
    Keep me posted!

  6. Oh, thank you Tami! That's really sweet of you to come and see them and thank you for your comment. Made me smile.

  7. Dear Possum,

    Do you need the head removable for the sake of authenticity?

    And I'd do it for the lulz,, seriously. I'd be happy to do it for the learning curve and to take a few photos.

  8. These are great fun! I love them. Happy Pink Saturday and a hug from the UK!

  9. You are too kind.
    Really, some kind of recompense is in order.

  10. Rhissanna, I think you have put the FUN into halloween ... love this post
    thanks also for popping by and commenting on my blog, i am so sorry i havent been able to get here until now
    hugs June xxxxx

  11. Oh thank you June! Tell me, do we still make lanterns from turnips in the north? Halloween for me is the warm smell of singed turnip and getting a 'Penny for the Lantern'.

  12. Oh my word! These are great! Pinning and tweeting!

  13. I did not know skellies could be so versatile and have such a sense of style! What fun...

  14. I love your skelly idea...I can't wait to see the Marie Skelly.......:)

  15. Oh! Vivienne, thanks for the Pin and the tweet! I've never been tweeted!

  16. Thank you Rose, at BB FLockling! (I love your dolls. I'm a huge fan of Pippi, her adorable dresses and sweet, loyal little Nelson. Thank you for the follow, too. I'm honoured.

  17. Those skeletons are so cool! I think I'll do this with my class and have them decorate a skeleton to represent a book character! Thanks a bunch, now the kids will think I'm a WAAAY COOL teacher!

  18. You are a cool teacher! Wow, that sounds like a wonderful idea. You'll let us know how it goes?

  19. Oh my goodness...these are turning out spectacular! What a transformation. I absolutely love it. Be sure to show the rest when you're done! : )

  20. This is over the top, reminds me of New Orleans and Vodo, so much fun. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  21. Fantastic 10 out of 10 for determination-I just love what you did -Mother Crow is fantastic!

  22. Hi Beverley,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment--I about fainted when I got that news today about the Gingersnaps!

    And thank you so much for your prayers--they mean so much.

  23. Very cool tip on how to shape these plastic skeletons!

  24. Is that skeleton flipping a bird? Just saying.

  25. Marie Antoinette skelly i want to see that one if you show it on your blog how funny

    you sure have the talent for the little skeletons girl

  26. Georgie,

    Afraid not about flipping any birds. We British do it with two fingers. I was hoping to get her to wield a wand, but her fingers wouldn't curl. Ah well. (but I see what you mean, lols!)


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