Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dollmakers on Thursday: Deridolls

If you're of an artistic bent, you need to join Deviant Art. Don't worry about the name; it's no more deviant than Blogland and just requires the same sort of sense. But if you make or craft or cook things, this is a showcase for your own stuff and best place to meet others of the same persuasion.  Every level of skill is there and I've never come across any nastiness or poor social skills. Try it. Let me know if you do.

Mary Tudor, to show scale

I've found a lot of doll makers there and my choice for this week is Deridolls. The artist is Portuguese and she makes tiny, sweet little cloth dolls, with the most charming of simple faces and the most amazing detailed, historically correct costumes fitted to their tiny bodies.

She's not limited to the sweet, either. The gristly subject of Judith and Holofernes is treated with the same charm and care.
I love the crosses for eyes!

She takes commissions and makes dolls from books and video games and films. She's opened my eyes to all kinds of historical portraits and always posts a reference when she shows a new doll. And she's always helpful and supportive of other doll makers.

Harry and Hedwig

Please go over and see her dolls.  They're all charming, gorgeous little bundles of love and care and amazing skill.


  1. Rhissanna, that was fun, I went over and looked at her gallery. That is why blogging is sooo fun, to see all of the areas of crafting possible and artists with tons of talent. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your super nice congrats!


  2. She really has an eye for just how much of the details to leave out, while still allowing for history's mark to show!
    So thanks for the side trip!

  3. Just installed the "nice new button" over at the Studio!
    Love the way it looks even when small enough for buttonhood!

  4. Oh! Headed there now to see the button.

    . And yes, a wise remark about Deridoll's lovely little creations. She usually includes the reference she's used so you can see how she's distilled the costume down to its elements. The dolls look simple, because they're cute, but there's a lot of judgement and skill in them. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip!


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